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    How To Get SSR RELIC Colossus Arm In Tower Of Fantasy

    Like any other game, in Tower of Fantasy, you must act as a hero. You’ll need not just effective weapons or greater Simulacrum to do this, but you’ll also need to recruit the usage of Relics. The SSR Relic Colossus Arm is one of the most powerful weapons in Tower of Fantasy.

    To make things easier, this guide will walk you through the criteria and methods to obtain the SSR Relic Colossus Arm in Tower of Fantasy.

    How To Get SSR RELIC Colossus Arm

    Make Iced Strawberry Soda

    Making Iced Strawberry Soda
    Making Iced Strawberry Soda

    First, make an Iced Strawberry Soda since you’ll need it later. 2 Strawberries, 2 Honey, and 11 Carbonated Water are required for preparation.

    • Strawberries may be found on Raincaller Island’s northern tip, among other places.
    • You may also gather honey in many places by just attacking a bee hive. Destroy the group of bees that emerges out from the hive and harvest honey from it.
    • At Banges Docks, you may get carbonated water from the supermarket seller.

    Take these items to any cooking station and make the Iced Strawberry Soda. Iced Strawberry Soda is also available from several juice vending machines. Cetus Island’s carnival includes vending machines where you may get that exact beverage.

    Get 2 Tool Sets

    Tool Sets
    Tool Sets

    Before proceeding, obtain two tool sets, as you will use them later. To get tool sets, buy two “Fine Gifts” from either the Crystal Dust Store or the Points Store. Money made of crystal dust is received every time you expend vitality as for the point store you obtain those by accomplishing any of the daily practice tasks from the missions menu.

    A tool set is a present that may be given to a Simulacra to strengthen the relationship; it can also be used to fix damaged machines encountered in this quest line. You may utilize the Fine gift from your backup. Once purchased, just choose the Toolset from the other available options, making sure to get two pieces of Toolset as you will need them.

    Hyena’s Base Side Quest

    First Hyena oil rig
    First Hyena oil rig

    To begin the side quest, speak with a Hyena Guard found on a Hyena oil rig on the west side of Signal Station Ruins. To get there, use the Jetboard to complete the path faster and easily.

    After starting the talk, choose the first dialogue option, and the quest should begin.

    Return to Banges Dock and look for Post Guard Lozwall. He will be near the teleporter and will offer you a means to enter the first oil rig. Return to the Hyena Guard and select the third dialogue option this time. This will provide you access to the oil rig.

    Now go to the second floor and look for the Hyena Classified Document, which contains the information you need to enter the second Hyena oil rig.

    Offer Morgley the Iced Strawberry Soda

    second Hyena oil rig
    second Hyena oil rig

    The second Hyena oil rig is located on Rain Caller Island’s western side. You may use the Jetboard to reach there or fly over the water by using the Jetpack.

    Here, you will encounter another Hyena guard here; speak with him and respond to all of the dialogue options listed below:

    • I’m here for the Hyenas Carnival.
    • Hyena Queen
    • This is the seventh Hyenas Carnival.
    • The Heirs of Aida of course.

    When you arrive on the rig, look for Morgley and offer him the Iced Strawberry Soda. Talk to him again and he will give you Console Components, which you will be needing later.

    Activate the Three Signal Towers

    Signal Towers location
    Signal Towers location

    In Navia, you must now activate three Signal Towers. The three Signal Towers’ positions are noted on the map below.

    • Signal Tower No. 1

    Climb inside the tower and use the Console Component you obtained from Morgley on the control panel. Then, interact with the control panel once again and turn on the device.

    • Signal Tower No. 2

    Climb into the tower and use the toolsets to fix the three shattered panels. You can repair these three panels with 2 toolsets. Then, use the control panel to activate the device.

    • Signal Tower No. 3

    Climb into the tower and enter the control panel code 5972. Then, use the control panel to activate the device.

    A blue pillar of light should be seen towards the center of Navia Bay, leading to a floating platform above. Proceed towards the bottom of the light and use the teleporter to access the ecological park.
    The Colossus Arm should be seen on the top, amid other standard supply pods; activate the unique pod to receive the SSR relic Colossus Arm.

    SSR RELIC Colossus arm

    Status Upgrades by SSR Relic Colossus Arm

    Players will gain the following status upgrades with the acquisition of the SSR Colossus Arm star relic. Here’s a description of Colossus Arm’s star improvement in Tower of Fantasy:

    • Each time releases two missiles that do damage to adversaries.
    • Cooldown time has been lowered to 200 seconds.
    • Fires four missiles at once, delivering damage to foes.
    • Reduces physical damage by 2% even while not using the Colossus Arm.
    • Increases lifetime by 30 seconds and decreases all damage taken by 20% while the Colossus Arm is active.

    If you want to learn about more relics in the game, check Tower of Fantasy Relics Guide. We’ve also covered Tower of Fantasy Weapons Guide so if interested, check that too.

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