GamingPlatformHere is NARAKA: BLADEPOINT characters guide

    Here is NARAKA: BLADEPOINT characters guide

    NARAKA: BLADEPOINT was initially released by 24 Entertainment on November 3rd, 2020. Essentially, it is a Battle-Royale game that features fighting and adventure among 60 players at a time. The title can currently be played on Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 5. This game gives you the classic experience of enjoying the thrill of clashing blades and flying arrows on the battlefield. NARAKA: BLADEPOINT characters have a ton of variety and we are going to discuss just that.

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    There is a total of 7 confirmed characters each having their own special skills. Through the two betas, it seems that players have determined which characters are currently the toughest, and which characters would benefit them from a balance change.

    So, let’s talk about the characters so you can choose which one is the strongest among all.



    Matari is considered one of the strongest characters because of her mobility and striking abilities. She is also known as eagle speed in NARAKA: BLADEPOINT’s world.

    She can become invisible by her Ultimate, Unseen Wings. She has the power to use her ultimate to plan an escape as well. Her F skill is Silent Flutter– a teleport skill with a 20-second cooldown that’s brilliant for mobility and escaping as opposed to fights.



    Kurmi is a strong character, especially in team matches. Her F skill is Binding Prayers. Its purpose is to create a healing link between her and the teammate which usually lasts for not more than 30 seconds within a 30-meter distance. While healing, Kurmi won’t be able to attack thus she can teleport her teammate and push back the foes.

    Her ultimate is Sacred Circle which is also her healing ability. It makes a circle which lasts for 15 seconds healing all the teammates inside it.  She is a tremendous choice for trios.



    His F skill is The Divine Bell. This skill helps him to defend against physical attacks and it reflects ranged projectiles. It also has a 25 seconds cooldown and is at its finest at the start of an encounter. Though divine bell has its variation upon which you can blow the enemies.

    Tianhai’s ultimate is Titan’s Call turns him into a huge Vajira. It proves an extremely powerful skill, so through it you can crush your enemies.

    Tarka Ji


    Tarka Ji is one of the most boldest and brave characters of Naraka Bladepoint. His F skill is Inner Fire. This ability allows him to block melee attacks every 22 seconds. By using his Gigaflame talent he can also cast a fireball which helps him deal with extensive area-of-effect damage.

    The ultimate of Tarka Ji is Blackout which increases his agility and surrounds him in flames that help in improving your movement speed. Although this character is not the strongest yet but still has some amazing powers which shouldn’t be underestimated.

    Viper Ning


    Viper Ning’s F skill is Yushan Enigma. This skill gives her a flash of energy through which she can knock down enemies. The attack can be used every 15 seconds. Furthermore, it can also disturb the Blue Focus leaving different effects on Focus.

    Her ultimate is Twilight Crimson which amazes all neighboring enemies and makes them visible. Unluckily, her ultimate is opposed by Matari’s invisibility. One of its variations allows you to prevent your enemies from using skills or Ultimates.



    Temulch is more of a spiritual character.  He is the number one gladiator in the Lunazra Kingdom. His F skill is Zephyr Wisp. It allows him to summon three air spirits which help in chasing enemies and to cause them damage. It is also used to block projectiles and can be used every 12 seconds.

    His ultimate is Zephyr Prison. It blocks all ranged attacks and knocks down the enemies by creating a barrier around Temulch for 15 seconds which surrounds him.

    Yoto Hime


    Yoto Hime’s F skill is Spirit Slash. It is the latest character added to Nakara Bladepoint. Her skill channels her energy to smash the enemies with greater force and throw blades at them and then teleport their location to knock them again. It also has a 25 seconds cool down.

    She is one of the highly supple characters who possess great capabilities. Her ultimate is Ominous Blade, which summons a vast blade that Yoto Hime strikes three times to tear down the enemies. Her blade also can absorb approximately six Cairns to escalate the damage.

    That’s all of NARAKA: BLADEPOINT characters for now. We hope this guide will help you in choosing a suitable character for your play style. Not to mention, you can always customize the appearance of these characters if you don’t find them interesting. For further updates and new content, keep following Retrology.

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