GamingBeat 'em upValda Cui - The newest hero of Naraka Bladepoint

    Valda Cui – The newest hero of Naraka Bladepoint

    With the newest update post-release, Naraka Bladepoint introduces a new character – Valda Cui. The release of a new hero was accompanied by a short video of her back story as well as a teaser of her gameplay. Here is all you need to know about Valda Cui:

    Naraka Bladepoint takes the battle royale experience up a notch with its unique combat, cold melee-based weapons, and character-specific abilities. Valda Cui is no different. With the official description stating that she has poison-based regular abilities, the game adds a character that can stun enemies.

    Valda Cui’s Skill: Haze

    Valda Cui uses her Default Attack to shoot a water bomb that explodes on contact. This would stun the enemies for just enough time to give the player an opening to make a move.

    • Valda’s skill Haze: Array conjures up a number of bombs that will trap enemies that walk within them.
    • With Haze: Teleport she can dash backward dodging incoming attacks along with spawning 3 water bombs before her.

    Valda Cui’s Ultimate: Neather Nightmare

    Being a sea-based character, Valda Cui summons a tidal wave by using her ultimate. She rides the wave as she shoots a spear down at her enemies. Enemies who aren’t in the center of the tide will get pushed away. The ones within will get stuck in a whirlpool. These enemies will be stunned for 15 seconds and can be attacked easily.

    This skill is especially helpful in crowd control and stunning. It helps the player in binding multiple targets and choose one to attack specifically with the spear.

    • Nether Nightmare: Smite – Although the enemies would be trapped for only 9 seconds by this attack. Valda would be allowed to use free-ranged weapons to attack them and won’t only be limited to using s spear.
    • Nether Nightmare: Bind – Valda can suspend herself above her tide, shoot a spear and create whirlpools at her enemies. This attack helps in stacking damage. The initial hit with the spear does damage. Then you can use another attack while the enemy is stuck.

    With perfect aiming paired with amazing crowd control, Valda Cui is bound to be a fan-favorite hero soon. She is extremely helpful in trapping opponents and encountering their advances more efficiently.

    For more game updates keep following Retrology.

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