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    Get your hands on a Vampire Survivors and Dark Souls-inspired roguelite, Soul Survivors

    Lords of the Fallen isn’t the only Dark-Souls style game in process in recent times. When I first saw the trailer of the new indie game, Soul Survivors, I couldn’t help but think of Vampire Survivors. In essence, the game takes great inspiration from the Vampire counterpart and features similar gameplay mechanics and design choices. Soul Survivors also features a roguelite progression where every run of the players adds value to the complete journey.

    Moreover, Soul Survivors also includes various enemy types, interesting-looking bosses, different heroes with different abilities to choose from, an upgrade system, and more. If we pay a close look, the inspiration from Dark Souls immediately comes to the surface. 

    From the character designs to boss designs, Soul Survivors reeks of Dark Souls. Even though the game is not original in its concept and even name (Dark Souls + Vampire Survivors = Soul Survivors), it still looks fun and engaging.

    Based on the early reviews of the retro-like game, it seems the developers, Stingbot Games were able to accomplish the goal of giving the players a satisfying feeling. If a roguelike game makes you want that “one more run”, the job is done.

    Currently, Soul Survivors is in Early Access and features only 2 of 4 stages and fewer heroes. In the upcoming updates, the developers have promised to roll out more content to the game like The Ranger class and additional areas to conquer.

    I will surely like to try the game when it fully releases but after listening to what other players had to say, it seems when it comes to combat mechanics, Soul Survivors does a good job of setting itself apart from Vampire Survivors. Reportedly, it plays and feels differently. As such, the different classes of heroes add a variety of gameplay mechanics. 

    For example, The Bogatyr class focuses on heavy defense and powerful short-ranged attacks, meanwhile, The Pyromancer is gifted with attacks that have a wide range and a sweeping effect. You can check all the other details of the classes on the official Steam page.

    Soul Survivors was recently released on May 3rd as an Early Access game and it costs only 3.99 USD at the moment.

    I guess it’s enough for now. My job was to just bring some light to another indie game that I feel is worthy of getting a chance. Previously, I talked briefly about the new Nordic Tales-inspired indie horror game. Here on Retrology, we love talking about indie games, so if you want more such content, keep visiting our website.

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    Talha Saqib
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