GamingHorrorThe Nordic folktales-inspired indie game, Bramble: The Mountain King, is getting positive...

    The Nordic folktales-inspired indie game, Bramble: The Mountain King, is getting positive remarks from players

    Ever since I saw the first preview of Bramble: The Mountain King, I was hooked. The game surely got my attention with its grim-looking atmosphere and mythical creatures. Another reason for my interest was its apparent similarity with the popular indie game, Little Nightmares as the new game also features a 2.5D art style and gameplay that greatly relies on platforming and puzzle solving. Not to mention, both games have a very dark atmosphere and are considered games of the horror genre.

    Bramble: The Mountain King is a story-driven game developed by Dimfrost Studio and published by Merge Games. The player takes control of a young boy named Olle who has embarked on a journey on the mysterious lands of Bramble to rescue his kidnapped sister. the most interesting thing about the game is its setting. From environment to characters, everything has taken a deep inspiration from dark Nordic folklore and therefore it features vicious monsters and beings.

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    For example, as showcased in the official YouTube channel of the developers, Bramble: The Mountain King has a monster called Näcken. The creature is derived from the Nordic mythical beings of the same name. These are male spirits that reside in the lakes and lure women and children by playing music to them on their violins. In Bramble, the developers have brought this creature to life and there it haunts the players with its haunting design.

    Similarly, the players get to experience deadly or sometimes weird experiences with other Nordic beings like Trolls, Gnomes, Skogsrå, and more.

    Bramble: The Mountain King has been released on PC and consoles since April 27th but I haven’t yet got the chance to play it. Judging from its “Overwhelmingly Positive” status on Steam from 662 reviews at the moment of writing, I am sure that I would really enjoy the game. However, based on the reviews I have come across so far, I have my expectations in check because the Nordic folktale-inspired game is not without flaws.

    Nonetheless, I am always very sympathetic to such interesting indie games made by small studios so I know eventually that Bramble will be a likable experience for me.

    Following are some of the Bramble: The Mountain King’s review snippets from Steam.

    “I only need one word to describe this game: Magnificent.”YT NotAGameAddict

    “From start to finish, Bramble: The Mountain King had me completely hooked, I’ve never experienced a narrative so hauntingly beautiful summed up in a mere six-ish hours. The gameplay is smooth, the environments are stunning, the OST and sound design are chilling and immersive. Cannot recommend this enough, 1000/10”Leydybug

    “I’ve never written a review for a game. Ever. This one is one of the most incredible experiences I’ve had. It’s a must buy. Just do it you won’t regret it.”Over

    What are your thoughts about Bramble? Have you already finished all the puzzle-solving or are you, like me, still planning to play this title? Let me know in the comments below.

    I would surely be playing this game soon and will review it here on this website. Till then, keep visiting Retrology for more indie games news and content.

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