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    Genshin Impact all Weapon Blueprints in Sumeru

    Several new craftable weapons have been added to Genshin Impact as a result of the 3.0 Sumeru update. You won’t be able to just walk over to the blacksmith and make them, though. Instead, to earn each weapon blueprint, you must fulfill a special quest in the new zone.

    We’ve created this guide on how to build every Sumeru weapon to save you time and effort searching the world. This explains where to find the Fruit of Fulfillment, King’s Squire, Moon Piercer, Sapwood Blade, and Forest Regalia.

    How to unlock Sumeru weapon blueprints in Genshin Impact

    Each Sumeru weapon has a corresponding tale that can only be obtained by performing specific side tasks in the real world for a product called Stories of You and the Aranara. Below is the information you need for each weapon:

    • Forest Regalia: Tale of the Forest King
    • Sapwood Blade: Tale of the Desert
    • King’s Squire: Tale of the King’s Squire
    • Fruit of Fulfilment: Tale of the Portent
    • Moon Piercer: Tale of the Moonlight

    To obtain all five copies of Stories of You and the Aranara, you must complete five prerequisite quests. But before you can finish any of them, you must finish the mission of The World of Aranara, which you’ll automatically pick up as you go through Sumeru.


    You must finish the prerequisite quest “The World of Aranara” in order to access all of the “Stories of You and the Aranara.” There are five different weapons that can be made, hence there are five different world objectives to finish. The five quests and their initiating locations are shown below.


    Location of Yaruna Gatha quest in Sumeru

    Varuna Gatha is one quest that awards a Stories of You and the Aranara. This begins with an NPC south of the neighboring statue of the archon or southwest of the Yasna Monument. You’ll get a copy of “Stories of You and the Aranara” after finishing the final mission in the Varuna Gatha quest “A Prayer for Rain on the Fecund Land.”


    Location of Vimana Agama quest in Sumeru

    Another quest you should take on for a weapon blueprint is Vimana Agama. The NPC who starts this can be located close to Devantaka Mountain, to the northeast of the statue of the archon. To obtain a further copy of “Stories of You and the Aranara,” complete the “Dev Delver Chapter.”


    Location of the Agnihorta quest in Genshin Impact
    Location of the Agnihotra Sutra quest in Sumeru

    You should also go visit the Archon statue, which is located east of Gandharva Ville. To the north, at  Agnihotra Sutra you can find the side quest. You’re looking for three NPCs that are standing next to a dusty road. Interacting with the gathering of individuals shown in the image will begin the Agnihotra Sutra quest. To get the final copy of “Stories of You and the Aranara,” complete the quest “The Final Chapter.”


    Location of Aranyaka quest on map in Genshin Impact
    Location of the Aranyaka world quest in Sumeru

    Last but not least, the same Aranyaka quest chain has two quests that award Stories of You and the Aranara. You must travel south of Sumeru City until you reach a four-way intersection to begin this quest chain. An NPC is fending off attackers here. The first quest in the Aranyaka chain is started by saving him.

    The Aranyaka questline gives you two “Stories of You and the Aranara.” One is called “The World of Aranara” and is given to you in Aranyaka Part II. The other is called “Hello, Thank You, and the Final Goodbye” and is given to you in Aranyaka Part IV.

    How to Trade Stories of You and Aranara?

    The five copies of Stories of You and Aranara have now been delivered to you. You should now go into the dream tree. Near Vanarana, just to the north of the archon statue.

    Once you’ve entered the dream realm, move eastward in the direction of the black tree icon on your map. You can find Aravinay there, an NPC. There you can exchange each of your Tales of You and Aranara for a different tale. You can visit the blacksmith and create each of the new Sumeru weapons after you have all five tales.

    This completes our guide on how to obtain all blueprints for a craftable Sumeru weapon in Genshin Impact. Check out our articles on how to obtain the Stone Pillar Seal Locations and Radiant Spincrystals Locations in Sumeru for additional Genshin Impact advice!

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