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    Legends of the Stone Lock quest: Every Genshin Impact Stone Pillar Seal location in Sumeru

    With Genshin Impact 3.0, new quests and events have been abundant. One of those is Legends of the Stone Lock Quest which requires you to destroy some seals located over the whole map. There is a total of 17 Genshin Impact Stone Pillar Seal location and here, we’ll cover all of them with a map and how to get them.

    Stone Pillar Seal on Eye Level

    Here are eleven (11) Stone Pillar Seal Locations. You can find all these easily by teleporting to the nearest sites. All these are at eye level; which means you won’t need to search in small or hidden spaces for them.

    Stone Pillar Seal Hidden Inside Caves

    These are the six underground ones.

    The first three underground seals can be found at Devantaka Mountain. Go inside the cave whose entrance is at the base of the mountain. Inside, you’ll have to locate the seals by roaming around the marked locations. These are harder to find because they are inside so you’ll need to guess their location once inside.

    Three Seals inside Devantaka Mountain
    Three Seals inside Devantaka Mountain

    Once you get the seal on the base level from the lake, you’ll notice a cave a bit higher. Go inside and get the seal marked on the map. The other one will also have a path linked with another cave entrance so look around for it as it’s not visible on the map here.

    This last stone pillar seal is located on the northeast side of Gandharva Ville. You’ll need to enter the cave pointed below. For that, you’ll need the Kusava from the Agnihotra Sutra Quest. The cave entrance is north of the Statue of Seven in Gandharva Ville.

    Stone pillar seal: Gandharva Ville
    Stone pillar seal: Gandharva Ville

    How to End the Legends of the Stone Lock Quest

    To complete this challenge, players must first go to the area noted above, located on the southwest edge of Sumeru City, then enter the grotto mentioned by Aradashan. Continue forward as you enter the cave from the specified spot until you reach the Aradashan group.

    The water level on your right side will drop as you interact with the Aradashan group. There will be an entrance to go far inside where you will locate the final seal that you must shatter in order to vanquish the Bulky Iron Chunk.

    When you beat the Bulky Iron Chunk, the mission will be accomplished and you will receive a Luxurious Chest. To get the sumptuous chest, enter the dream world by playing Rhythm of the Great Dream on a nearby stone. After that, interact with the Aradashan group four times to begin the conflict in the dream realm. Each time you defeat an enemy, you will receive a better chest, until you reach the Luxurious chest.

    That’s all for Genshin Impact Stone Pillar Seal Location. We’ve covered numerous Genshin Impact guides so click here to access all of them.

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