GamingPuzzleHumanity, a puzzle game like no other, is now available to play

    Humanity, a puzzle game like no other, is now available to play

    In the entirety of your gaming activity, you would not have come across a game like this one. Humanity for some reason is a weirdly alluring game, it’s so weird yet seems so much fun at the same time. I mean, a dog controlling the whole of humanity? but at the same time, players can create their own puzzles with so many possibilities and endless creativity. Plus, players all around the world can try the puzzles of other players as well. Which means endless unique puzzles to solve.

    Humanity and its endless creativity
    Humanity – Ghostly Shiba Inu

    There is this ghostly Shiba Inu whom you control and then give instructions to guide literally all of humanity. The whole concept of trial and error has been made so much more interesting over here, just because of how the game has combined its gameplay mechanics like role-playing, platform, and action making it extremely engaging.

    There are in total 90 levels of the story and they are more than enough to keep the players busy. After successfully completing a puzzle it will be hard for you to leave your controller. If somehow you have managed to solve 90 of these stories puzzles and it’s still not enough for you, don’t worry as there are endless more puzzles created by other players waiting for you.

    Any player can create their own puzzle using the insanely vast level editor and share it with the world. Making Humanity a platform with endless possibilities, creativity, and replayability while also enhancing your ability to imagine different possibilities.

    Humanity – Endless Creativity

    The very own puzzles of Humanity itself are quite engaging and make sure that players think outside the box. You will find numerous secret and optional objectives that will undeniably push you to imagine beyond a basic solution. Each and every puzzle is fresh and known for its uniqueness making it a puzzlers paradise as we mentioned earlier.

    I personally feel that the game has a lot of potential and deserves more attention. You can literally feel the intensity of the game considering how Humanity incorporates its whole action sequence. You can make the humans run, jump, swim, fly, and whatnot just to complete a puzzle. A game holding so much imagination and creativity makes you think about the level of artistic vision its developers would have.

    Humanity has just been released on the 16th of May 2023 and is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PlayStation VR, PlayStation VR 2, and PC via Steam. We personally love discussing such unique and creative games. So do consider subscribing to our mailing list down below to stay updated.

    Also, do let us know what you think about Humanity (the game obviously) in the comment section below. To know about Last Labyrinth and its disputed journey from PlayStation to Xbox or for more news and updates, keep visiting Retrology.

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