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    5 Life Lessons to Learn From Lucifer – Netflix Series

    Netflix series Lucifer is one of those seasons that will have you bingeing from dusk till dawn. Its crime scenes in every episode, supernatural characters, humor, and of course the devil itself are a perfect mix for the audience. Lucifer is a kind of season that will have you thinking or questioning some aspect of your life at the end of every single episode and at some point, things might get quite relatable as well. Moreover, Lucifer has 6 seasons available on Netflix, with each season getting better and better than the previous one. Although there is always something that you can learn at the end of every episode of Lucifer, here are some of the most beneficial life lessons to learn from the Lucifer Netflix series.

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    1. How we choose to respond is what matters the most

    Life Lessons to Learn From Lucifer Netflix Series
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    There are no good or bad emotions, it’s always what we choose to do next. We often tend to assume that emotions/feelings can be good or bad, for example, some people might consider Anger as a negative or bad emotion, but what they do not consider is that feeling angry is all-natural and every person on earth feels it often. What sets us apart is how we choose to respond to a certain emotion. Our actions can be positive or negative, good or bad, but our feelings are just feelings.

    “We can’t control what happens to us, only how it affects us and the choices we make.” – Chloe Decker.

    “No matter how bad things get, the true test is how we choose to respond to the pain we suffer, or inflict.” – Amenadiel.

    2. Accept it or not but we all are vulnerable to something or someone

    Life Lessons to Learn From Lucifer Netflix Series
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    Even Lucifer Morningstar, the devil itself who claimed that he’s not vulnerable to anything, when had to prove to Chloe, he failed to do so. Whenever Lucifer was close to Chloe he did get vulnerable not just physically but emotionally as well. We often tend to think that we are vulnerable only around our enemies. The thing that we forget is that the emotional harm that affects us the most is often from the people who are the closest to us.

    3. You should ask yourself what you truly desire from time to time

    Life Lessons to Learn From Lucifer Netflix Series

    Lucifer with one of his superpowers used to ask people “What is that you truly desire?” and everyone used to reply with their true desires and dreams. One thing that was common in most of them was that they were totally distracted from the things they actually dream of achieving. They themselves often didn’t know how much they actually desire something. This shows us that we should often ask ourselves what we truly desire in order to stick to our goals and make our dreams come true. One should be focused on their desires, work hard to achieve them, and not get distracted towards fulfilling undesired things.

    “The best thing to do is always to follow your greatest desire” – Lucifer Morningstar

    4. You shouldn’t have to change for anyone and neither should I – Lucifer to Eve

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    Lucifer is someone who knows what he wants and doesn’t really care what others think about him. He never allows anyone to affect his personality even if someone does not like him. People may initially not like him but this does not stop Lucifer from being Lucifer. He embraces his personality like no one else and to be honest you should be accepted just the way you are and not how others want you to be. Isn’t that what truly matters?

    5. Sometimes we are what we are and we should embrace that – Lucifer

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    Although Lucifer is someone who never changes himself for anyone else and embraces every aspect of his personality. But when it comes to Chloe, Lucifer was afraid to show her his devil face because of the fear that she might not accept him after that. His devil face was something that Lucifer considered as a flaw in himself but later he did realize that this is what makes him Lucifer and eventually he accepted himself as he is and even Chloe accepted him as he is.

    Nobody in this world is perfect and everyone has a flaw that they are not so proud of, but one thing that we all should keep in mind is that sometimes we are what we are and we should embrace that.

    That is all about life lessons to learn from Lucifer Netflix series.

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