EntertainmentTVDave Chappelle's controversial Netflix Special has gotten mixed reviews

    Dave Chappelle’s controversial Netflix Special has gotten mixed reviews

    Dave Chappelle is not a stranger to controversy. Having made his career on shows that revolve around controversial topics. Chappelle is an outspoken man and his special on Netflix “The Closer” also stirred up some controversy. For that reason, we have to say Dave Chappelle’s controversial Netflix Special has gotten mixed reviews.

    He is very open about talking about truths others consider taboo. In the show, the stand-up comedian spoke freely of his opinions ranging from woman’s rights to being associated with transphobia.

    He gives an insight into how he is harassed online to far-stretched lies people publish about him on social media. How easy it is to victimize people of color and how much hate he receives for articles once published about him.

    He doesn’t recite these stories to get pity or to gain empathy. The point of the show isn’t to invite pity or to clear his name. It is to give his side of the story. It is clear from the way he speaks about these instances that his problem isn’t with white women, transgenders, or the LGBT. He has an issue with privileged loud people making a ruckus on important issues that don’t affect them and then doing nothing about it in the long run.

    It’s very easy to take a look at the show and take offense at the things he says. But re-watching the show made me realize that a lot of the things he says are calculated wordplay. When he quotes something he does not back down from it. Chappelle’s intention is to give the general public a reality check but as it turns out people are much more comfortable not talking about issues that don’t concern them than having their ignorance disturbed.

    As a person of color, it is very evident that he is compassionate toward his own race. Even with that, no one gets a pass from Dave Chappelle when it comes to getting called out and made fun of on stage.

    Dave Chappelle made his career out of being “controversial” while trying to get his point across. The things he says aren’t the ones that sit right with everyone but they do enrage everyone enough to think about them. In the end, it’s better to be enraged and do something about it than be ignorant.

    That is all for what the critics think about Dave Chappelle’s controversial Netflix Special. For more latest updates and entertainment, keep following Retrology.

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