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    15 Best Anime Cats that will make you have a Pet!

    Cats are one of the most hyped pets in anime and are portrayed in the most adorable ways possible. Even in real life, these little felines are just so soft and lovable that you can’t help but pet them. These animals are cute, but can either be very serious or wise, or rather mischievous. We made a list of some of the best anime cats which will make you consider getting a cat as your pet.

    Poyo (Poyopoyo)

    anime cats

    The main character of the anime named after him. Poyo is a round ginger cat with simple features. But perhaps these simple features make him so adorable.

    And if that wasn’t enough, this little cat is voiced by Ikue Ootani. the voice actor of the doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates, Chopper.

    Chomusuke (Konosuba)

    anime cats
    Megumin with Chomusuke

    Chomusuke is a black cat with yellow eyes who is the familiar of Megumin. Despite her appearance, she is actually a god or well, half of a god. She plays little role in the anime and is mostly seen in the background doing something strange.

    Mao (Darker than Black)

    Darker than Black

    Although originally a contractor, Mao loses his body and has to live in the body of a cat. This black cat with blue eyes is less playful but more caring and loyal. He often carries a serious expression that doesn’t fit the cat at all.

    Nekotalia (Hetalia)

    anime cats
    A few cats from Nekotalia

    Nekotalia is a group of cats who take the personalities of their human counterparts. As these humans are basically just countries in the form of people, these cats are just called their country with “cat” at the end.

    These fluffy cats with the features of the characters are adorable and charming, just like them.

    Yoruichi Shihoin (Bleach)


    She is actually a shinigami with the ability to change into a cat. Yoruichi is calm and strong and she prefers to spend most of her time in her cat form. In this form, she’s a black cat with bright golden eyes.

    Baron Humbert von Gikkingen (The Cat Returns)

    anime cats
    The Cat Returns

    This is the first you’ll see of studio ghibli in this list but most certainly not the last. Baron is actually a statue of an anthropomorphic cat who comes alive at night. What’s more is he comes out wearing a suit, hat, and even shoes!

    Luna (Sailor Moon)

    anime cats
    Sailor Moon

    Luna is a black talking cat who is the guardian of the main character of the show, Usagi. She’s a beautiful black cat with blue eyes and a crescent moon on her forehead. She also has some very interesting abilities she uses to help Usagi and her friends.

    Blair (Soul Eater)

    Soul Eater

    Like how Yoruichi could take the form of a cat, Blair is a cat who can take the form of a human. She is a faux witch who loves playing pranks on others. In her cat form, she’s a dark purple cat with yellow eyes and a small witch hat on her head.

    Panther Lily (Fairy Tail)

    anime cats
    Fairy Tail

    A panther is technically a cat, right? Well, Panther lily is an Exceed, a race similar to cats, but with wings and they talk too. He’s Gajeel’s companion and a member of the Fairy Tail Guild. In his battle form, he has a human-like body with a panther’s face.

    Although he is often grumpy and sarcastic, he is also very loyal to Gajeel and his guild.

    Matatabi (Naruto)


    It is one of the nine-tailed beasts that was sealed within a person, Yugito Nii. It’s polite and respectful, even using honorifics to refer to others. Matatabi is two-tailed and is covered in blue and black flames. His eyes are of different colors, one is a bright yellow and the other green.

    Nekobus (My Neighbour Totoro)

    My Neighbour Totoro

    This half-cat half-bus is one of Studio Ghibli’s most iconic creations. It is one of their most famous mascots and for good reason too! With a large grin, similar to the Cheshire Cat’s, it takes its passengers, mostly Totoro, to different places.

    Jiji (Kiki’s Delivery Service)

    Kiki’s Delivery Service

    Jiji is the familiar of the witch-in-training, Kiki. He is a black cat who is very supportive of Kiki, even going as far as to pretend to be a stuffed cat after the actual toy was lost. Hayao Miyazaki had said that Jiji was a part of Kiki, “He represents an immature part of her.”

    Beerus (Dragon Ball)

    Dragon Ball

    Beerus, the God of Destruction of Universe 7. He is initially an antagonist in the series but later becomes a supporting character. His appearance is that of a purple anthropomorphic cat. He has golden eyes and large ears and wears Egyptian-inspired clothes.

    Besides that, his personality is very similar to a cat’s. He often acts playful and is almost always lazy. He’s also very stubborn and gets angry over the smallest matters.

    Puck (Re: Zero)

    Re: Zero

    He was the familiar contracted to Emilia. He is known as the Beast of the End and is very powerful. Puck loves Emilia dearly and always wants the best for her and protects her too. He forcefully broke the contract with Emilia to remove the seal placed on her memories so she could pass the Witch of Greed’s trials. Additionally, his Beast of the End form was shown when Emilia was killed, after which he killed everyone.

    Puck has white and grey hair with bright blue eyes. His appearance is similar to that of an American Shorthair.

    Honorable Mentions

    Before we go on to the last cat, here are some anime cats as honorable mentions. These cats deserve the same love as the rest on this list.

    Happy (Fairy Tail)

    Fairy Tail

    Doraemon (Doraemon)


    Arthur (Code Geass)

    Code Geass

    Meowth (Pokemon)

    anime cats

    No introductions are needed for this last cat. Meowth is a Scratch Cat Pokemon and is a member of Team Rocket. He is able to communicate with humans and together with James and Jessie, he tries to catch Pikachu. He is a wild pokemon, meaning he was never caught by Team Rocket, it’s for his loyalty to his friends that he stays.

    That’s all for our favorite anime cats and the honorable mentions. You can also check out this list of the coolest anime characters who wield the scythe or the coolest anime scythes. For more anime content stay tuned to Retrology.

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