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    Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Eunie Guide

    Xenoblade Sage has more playable characters in its new series: Xenoblade Chronicles 3. One of the main players you should have is Eunie. Her powers and skills are amazing and you should try them. In this guide, we will discuss all the facts about Eunie.

    Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Eunie

    Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Eunie
    Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Eunie

    Eunie is a fighter from Colony 9, Keves. She’s Noah’s childhood friend and has the expertise of healing in battles. This astonishing lady with blue eyes and brown hair along with a pair of wings, a decent outfit, and is gracious at every moment.

    She has a straightforward personality as she is clear with her answers. That shows her attitude as rude. But she’s a brilliant academic student with good scores. Eunie is a good friend of Noah and has a close relationship with Lanz. Overall, she is a strong and responsible girl.

    Eunie belongs to the Class Medic Gunner and has the role of Healer. She dominates her battles with a cane-shaped weapon called Gunrod. The weapon is a two-in-one arm that converts into a gun and is also used to heal in battles. She also has a special talent for fusing. She can fuse with Taion in a humongous creature called Ouroboros.

    Eunie’s Skills

    Eunie's Skills and Arts
    Eunie’s Skills and Arts

    She holds multiple skills and we have put the most crucial one on the list here.

    Wings of Healing

    This special skill heals her allies by 25% if she uses her Healing Power to 100%.

    Unceasing Blessings

    She can extend the buff duration of her allies by 50%.

    Shared Blessing

    She increases a small amount of damage on each buff used by her allies.

    Eunie’s Arts

    Apart from her skills, the art list is filled with essential powers you will need in future quests. Here is the list.

    Feather Sanctuary

    This powerful art applies one buff to one remember if attacked on one target.

    Typhoon Field

    This art will heal the allies when using Healing Power by 100%.

    Liberty Wing

    This healing art is used to revive out-of-action members when one enemy is attacked.

    Eunie Accessories

    Eunie Accessories
    Eunie Accessories

    The accessories Eunie holds give her extra benefits as a Healer. Whenever she uses any accessory, the amount of HP increases with Healing Arts. She has two accessories. The first one is the Friendship Ring. This accessory helps Healing Arts to reduce aggro. The second one is the Saint’s Necklace. It enhances the Healing Arts of Eunie.

    How To Unlock Eunie

    How To Unlock Eunie
    How To Unlock Eunie

    Unfortunately, you have to pass Chapter 5 which is not available to you right now. In Chapter 6, you have to complete the Going Home quest to unlock Eunie.


    Our pretty warrior Eunie has the power to heal in battles. But she possesses the fighting skills sharp enough to cut the throats of her enemies. So, don’t underestimate this beauty. She is the healer you will need at your party. So, keep playing till you get her.

    That is all on Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Eunie Guide. To know about Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Nia Guide or for more guides, keep following Retrology.

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