EntertainmentMoviesWith $41 million, 'Halloween Ends' leads the Box Office

    With $41 million, ‘Halloween Ends’ leads the Box Office

    At the Box Office, Halloween Ends leads with an estimated $41.2 million in its first weekend in the United States, and another $17 million in 77 overseas markets, with Mexico and the United Kingdom leading on top. With $58.4 million globally, it is positioned to become the top movie at the global box office in its launch weekend. Halloween Ends is also the first picture to gross more than $40 million since Nope was released in July, and it outperformed its reported production budget of $20 to $30 million.

    For the previous two weekends, Paramount’s thriller Smile has dominated the box office, first with $22.6 million, which was on the top end of pre-release forecasts, then dropping only 18% to restate in the first spot with $18.5 million.

    Universal’s horror sequel Halloween Ends launched at the box office with $41.2 million, with a day-and-date release in theatres and on Peacock. Its opening is 16% lower than the previous year’s Halloween Kills ($49.4M), which also launched on the same day in theatres and on streaming. Both of them are well below their first installment, Halloween, which launched with theatrical exclusivity in 2018 and grossed $76.2 million.

    The underperformance was attributed to the film’s simultaneous streaming release on Peacock as well as mixed critic and audience reviews. Universal also stated it was the highest-watched movie ever on the platform over a two-days following its release so it could be true and the reason why it didn’t cross the previous benchmark.

    Halloween Ends stars Jamie Lee Curtis back as Laurie (as she was also in the previous ones of Halloween Trilogy) and returns to the themes of PTSD and trauma that the reboot trilogy has been so captivated by. Curtis has played the character for four decades, starting with filmmaker John Carpenter’s landmark original picture in 1978. Will Patton plays Officer Frank Hawkins, Kyle Richards plays Lindsey Wallace, Rohan Campbell plays Corey Cunningham, and James Jude Courtney plays Michael.

    Malek Akkad, Jason Blum, and Bill Block are the producers of this project. Carpenter, Curtis, Green, Ryan Freimann, Danny McBride, Andrew Golov, Ryan Turek, Thom Zadra, and Christopher H. Warner partner as the executive producers. You can watch this movie in theaters and on the streaming service, Peacock.

    With the upcoming Black Adam soon, let’s see how it would alter the rankings considering the hype and anticipation around it.

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