GamingRoguelikeWhat makes Dome Keeper so addictive?

    What makes Dome Keeper so addictive?

    We’ve heard people usually complaining about almost every social media platform and their nature of being so addictive that they forget about the time. However, there are not many of these complaints regarding video games. This trend persisted until the release of Dome Keeper, which actually captivated and made players stuck to their screens without looking at their clocks for hours.

    Now, we are not saying that people actually “complained” about the game being so addictive in a bad way, obviously, they found it worth the time they’ve spent on it. But the question that arises is why is Dome Keeper so addictive. Why it captivates players like no other? Because nobody really expects a 2D pixelated game to be so alluring. Let’s dive a little bit deeper into the game to know more about it.

    Dome Keeper in a nutshell

    Dome Keeper so addictive
    Dome Keeper

    To be precise, this roguelike mining game is all about the players defending their dome and battling against shadowy monsters. Players are also supposed to mine in order to get their hands on resources that help upgrade the dome and increase protection. The challenging part is actually keeping a balance of time, whether to keep defending your dome or go mining to get resources. It is the type of game that will totally eat away through your time before you take a glance at your clock.

    It begins with an engineer and his ship crashing down on an alien planet, onto a body of a weird-looking monster and covering it with a dome. As you start mining down into the ground to collect some useful resources, within no time, your glass dome happens to be under attack.

    You make your way back up and use the annoyingly slow laser to kill some monsters and then head back to the mine. Repeating the whole process whilst dealing with wave after wave of enemies that obviously keep on getting faster and stronger. You can consider using the resources that you find down in the mine to upgrade your laser and make it stronger and faster or maybe upgrade your protagonist.

    Pumping hours into Dome Keeper

    Dome Keeper so addictive
    Dome Keeper – Mining

    This amazing and unique blend of mining for resources, attacking shadowy monsters, and time management is something that players can’t get enough of. Usually what makes a game addictive is its progression which gives a sense of accomplishment to the players and Dome Keeper is totally up to this mark.

    Additionally, the game’s nature of unlocks and prestige modes also adds to the time that players invest into the game, and on the side the combination of some of our own favorite genres is something that we love about this game as well.

    Someone might say that the gameplay is repetitive, however, the way this repetition engraves the players and captivates them to move from one upgrade to the next is totally remarkable. Moreover, the soundtrack and limited color palette are also something that adds to its excellent sense of place.

    Final Remarks

    Dome Keeper – Upgrades

    Remember how we initially compared the addictiveness of social media platforms with the game Dome Keeper? The comparison over here is quite unfair, considering the fact that big social media platforms have a whole team of people and behavioral psychologists working to make their platforms more engaging and captivating.

    While on the other hand, we have an indie game developer of Dome Keeper named “bippinbits” who are just a team of 2, yes you heard that right, a team of 2 developing a game that’s super alluring sounds quite impressive. So kudos to the bippinbits for that as well.

    Lastly, the question that arises here is that at some point we all have come across games with progressive nature and repetitive gameplay which tend to get a hold of us super tightly until the day comes when we stop playing the game or maybe become bored with it. Will Dome Keeper be one of these games that we play over and over again until we stop playing them at all or is Dome Keeper going to be one of those games that we keep on coming back to every other day?

    Undeniably if the developers continue to keep on adding new stuff like abilities, unlockables, characters, planets, and enemies without disturbing the aesthetic of the game, surely it’s going to be one of the later ones.

    That is all about what makes Dome Keeper so addictive. The game is currently available on PC, Mac and Linux so do consider giving it a go if you haven’t already. Also, do subscribe to our mailing list down below so you don’t miss out on any latest news, updates, or guides. Until next time, peace out.

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