ArtCosplayViolet Evergarden cosplay that may have came out of the anime itself

    Violet Evergarden cosplay that may have came out of the anime itself

    Ever since the series hit the screen, Violet Evergarden has been a fan favorite for multiple reasons. The reasons range from the beautifully crafted story to the eye-catching visuals of the anime along with the interesting protagonist Violet Evergarden. We follow her journey in the anime from a soldier to a writer. Along with capturing the attention of others in the anime with her unique personality, she has caught the viewers’ attention successfully. This gave rise to the series of cosplay from admirers and here are the few Violet Evergarden Cosplay worthy of depicting the character perfectly.

    Depicting Violet Evergarden is difficult for multiple of reasons. Her clothes are hard to find with good material as the usual cosplay dresses sold online don’t give that same feeling. Also the layers of clothes needed with the styles which are really different from what we wear today. Let’s not forget that her being a young anime character will make mirroring her look a lot harder in real life.

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    From head to toe, every element from the anime is perfectly matched for this cosplay by @TaiiSian. Truly a commendable effort.


    Cosplayer @Kuro_niiya dressed up as Violet Evergarden in the Recent DoKomi 2022 event. This true-to-character depiction is photographed by FoxDirector Photography.


    Another beautiful cosplay that remains true to the source. The lady in the picture is @Myralisia and this is a good portrayal of the ever-loved Violet Evergarden.

    Olly the Cosplayer

    This is Violet Evergarden cosplay by @OneAllysa. The photo shoot beautifully captures the effort put into this beautiful cosplay.


    A complete cosplay with all the details present, even the bag, is really hard to do. viku_li managed to do it along with making sure to keep the character’s persona alive.


    Along with an on-point outfit, nekota_ashu has managed to portray Violet’s innocence with the makeup and lenses perfectly. Good Job!


    This may not be true to anime scenes but the photo shoot, the color palette, the cosplay everything seems true to the art. Props to malimoria for gracing us with this beautiful depiction.


    Let’s end with this photo recreation from the anime itself. The background and cosplay all add up to bring this anime frame to life. The cosplayer is @eufiemoon and she completely nailed this image.

    With this, we can surely say that we are satisfied with the list which shows how you can nail the trademark violet outfit. If you have any more additions you feel are worthy to be added, do let us know as we wouldn’t want to miss out on some good effort works.

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