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    Tower of Fantasy Philly Location Guide

    On September 15th, 2022, Tower of Fantasy received its significant version 1.5 update. The latest 1.5 changes, as well as the future 2.0 version, have been announced quickly by the developers. Wanderers will be able to build on their own Home System and more now that the new Artificial Island System is available for them to experience.

    With the update to Artificial Island, a slew of new side quests and exciting bosses (adversaries) to defeat were added. Rust Philly is one of five new monsters in Tower of Fantasy’s Artificial Island zone. This guide will show you how to find the Tower of Fantasy Philly Location for the Artificial Island update.

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    Who is Philly?

    Philly is a level-70 helicopter-riding man with massive DPS who can easily shred you if your defense is low. It is a red-haired Hyena on a plane. It flies at you and fires an orange orb whenever you are within its range.

    Philly is present to the south of Ground Zero. It can be found hovering over the location denoted by the purple spot in the image below. Philly is one of the new bosses introduced in the Artificial Island update. It stays up in the air most of the time but can come down sometimes to attack. Also, you need to spot it to start the fight, or else you can miss it.

    Location of Philly

    Tower of Fantasy Philly Location

    Philly, located around Base Zero, will be observed flying about the grass with approximate coordinates 148.3, and 161.0 and searching the area extensively. Make sure to look up while searching so you can catch sight of it.

    How to Defeat Philly?

    This boss in particular is difficult because the target is in the air and may move quickly. Because he flies around, striking him with aerial attacks may deplete your stamina and occasionally miss. The key thing you need to do is play with a long-ranged strong player or have at least one long-ranged weapon equipped when battling Philly that can defeat it from a distance.

    Defeating him can be difficult, especially if you don’t have a ranged weapon, so keep that in mind. Also, try to keep him away from the cliff because then it’s hard for you to attack him while he gets the advantage of flying far away to throw your balance off.

    The Reward for Defeating Philly

    After defeating it, you will receive the “Rust Philly” award. It drops some materials which can be used to make specific recipes in the game. You will also be rewarded with some EXP.

    That’s it for the Tower of Fantasy Philly Location and the rewards you’ll get after defeating this boss. For more guides click here for Tower of Fantasy guides.

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