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    Top 10 Final Fantasy 7 Remake Characters

    Final Fantasy IIV had a remake come out in 2020 after gamers highly demanded it so they could play it in much better graphics than before. With it being the talk of the town for a while now, we can rank the Final Fantasy 7 remake characters and how they have improved in this game.

    Final Fantasy IIV is, no doubt, one of the most talked-about games ever. After it first came out in 1997, it became immensely popular because of its engaging storyline, crisp gameplay, and much other stuff that really reeled people in.

    The storyline follows, Cloud Strife, a former Shinra soldier, who joins the eco-terrorist group AVALANCHE. In their war against the Shinra Corporation, their aim is to stop them from taking the planet’s life essence.

    Every aspect has been recreated utilizing real-time polygonal graphics rather than the original’s pre-rendered settings. Significant character development and storyline enhancements are included in the story. Following is the Final Fantasy 7 remake characters tier list.

    10. Madam M

    Madam M when she is introduced
    Madam M when she is introduced

    A new addition, Madam M is a non-playable character in the Final Fantasy IIV remake. She is absent from the original Final Fantasy VII but her presence here is a treat in itself.

    She has the most authority and knows her position very well. Despite her not liking Don Corneo at all, she still maintains good terms with him and her two companions. She is aware of her elevated level and uses it to her advantage.

    She is also very proud of her success, as expected. Also, her demeanor is very interesting in how she composes herself, twisting out words when needed and finding the way she would get the most. Although she is a side character, she is quite an interesting character.

    9. Red XIII

    Red XIII in Final Fantasy IIV Remake as non-playable.
    Red XIII in Final Fantasy IIV Remake as non-playable.

    A disappointment with the remake was that Red XIII is not playable. It was one of the characters who was greatly played due to its balanced stats but in the remake, it’s not possible. It being a non-playable character is what made him fall low on the list.

    If he is only assessed by his stats, then he is a good character. His sense of loyalty and sheer courage makes up for his lack of defense which is one of the reasons it was top tier. However, there is a possibility that in the next chapter of the remake, he may be playable. Fingers crossed!

    8. Sonon Kusakabe

    Sonan is an INTERmission character meaning he can only be seen if you have Final Fantasy VII Remake Episode INTERmission. It is a DLC available on Playstation 5 to only those who have purchased Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade.

    He is a good character and a part of Yuffie’s storyline as he helps her in her journey to reach AVALANCHE. His helping Yuffie is fueled by his hatred for Shinra too. He has a short side role which lands him below others.

    7. Cid Highwind

    Cid Highwind: Final Fantasy IIV
    Cid Highwind: Final Fantasy IIV

    Cid’s character is not a bad one but him not having much to do with the storyline makes him a small supporting character. He is a sad character with nothing but failures in his life.

    He has rather good stats as he is a dragoon. Cid is good in combat but far better in long-range attacks. His mechanical weapons, especially his spear, are best at inflicting damage without a break. So why is he a low rank? Because he doesn’t contribute a lot to the story is not playable.

    Apart from that, he is a better character than others so redeemable in the next chapters.

    6. Jessie Rasberry

    Jessie was not much present in the original but even her small role was appreciated. Seeing this, she has now a chapter dedicated to her in the remake. Her role is not playable but her interesting story is enough for you to consider her one of the best.

    She has a tragic backstory but keeps her head high and aids the people around her as much as possible. She is in other words, a technology genius, and we see her flourish throughout the story.

    5. Yuffie Kisaragi

    Yuffie Kisaragi: Final Fantasy IIV
    Yuffie Kisaragi: Final Fantasy IIV

    Another INTERmission character is Yuffie Kisaragi. She moves from her tribe to meet the original group and devise a plan with them to destroy Shinra. Yuffie is a Ninja and a Thief, wielding a large shuriken as her weapon of choice. She is the protagonist of the INTERmission chapter with Sonan as her companion. Her aim is to save her village from Shinra and her combat abilities are good enough to have her in the top five.

    4. Barret Wallace

    final fantasy 7 remake characters
    Barret Wallace: Final Fantasy VII

    If there is someone who is a good fighter but also extremely loud, it’s Barret Wallace. Also a playable character, his way of fighting is very rough. He is very good at thinking of solutions and guiding others which scores a point in games where you have to move with groups.

    His role is mainly in the second half of the story but is gripping enough to have you rooting for him.

    3. Tifa Lockhart

    final fantasy 7 remake characters
    Tifa Lockhart: Final Fantasy IIV

    The best way to define her is that she is the mother of the group. She keeps everyone in check, is on good terms with others, and is emphatic to all. Of course, this is not the only thing that made her score this high on this list.

    Her combat style is remarkable which is the reason she is in the top 3. She is a martial arts expert and can play at close and far ranges. She has a wide range of attacks to choose from so it’s quite easy to play her as well.

    2. Aerith Gainsborough

    final fantasy 7 remake characters
    Aerith Gainsborough: Final Fantasy VII

    The mage herself, Aerith is one of the only people who can use magic in the game. Shinra is looking for her so they can use her powers for themselves. This is scary for her as there is a literal hunt going on for her. She has gotten the best upgrade in the remake than any other character by giving her the authority she has.

    She is a very bubbly and sweet woman but she is also very sharp about her surroundings. Being raised in slums made her always be in survival mode which also brought a noticeable characteristic in her. Her position was unexpected but rightfully earned.

    1. Cloud Strife

    final fantasy 7 remake characters
    Cloud Strife: Final Fantasy VII

    This spot is not because of him being the main protagonist (well maybe) but because of the character development we see in him throughout the game. He becomes really strong and learns to deal with people around him accordingly. Not really goody two shoes but not the worst either which is what makes him human.

    His character is stupidly self-obsessed in the beginning but as the story unveils, he learns to care for others and how to be compassionate with others without keeping his greed before everything. I don’t think there is much to say as everything is quite refreshing to experience itself them reading it somewhere.

    He is the face of the franchise and has earned it well enough for it to stay there.

    This is it for Final Fantasy 7 remake characters. Also, check out the details about the new Resident Evil 4 Remake Vs Original: Graphics & Characters Compared.

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