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    The Boys Season 3 Episode 6 Explained in Detail: Herogasm!

    Oh boy, The Boys Season 3, Episode 6 titled “Herogasm” was incredible. Perhaps the best episode so far in the entire show. Even though, Herogasm was mainly hyped (and warned) by the creators and actors about the bizarre sexual scenes in the episode. But in truth, that was just the small part of it. The episode had so much other stuff to offer. In this article, The Boys Season 3, Episode 6 Explained, we will analyze the highlights of the episode, discuss key plot points and share our opinions.

    Before we begin, the obvious should be stated that this post contains major spoilers. That said let’s jump right into the analysis.


    The outrageous sexual scenes in The Boys Season 3, Episode 6 was supposed to be the main highlight given its title and the hype that was created on the internet. However, to me, it was the least interesting part. Surprisingly, it was the rest of the episode that delivered. Therefore, we wouldn’t talk about the orgy much and focus more on other events.

    The only thing that’s worth mentioning is Deep making out with an octopus. Damn, we finally saw it. The scene was hilarious. Deep for sure is a weird character.

    Is Soldier Boy a bad guy?

    Soldier Boy in Episode "Herogasm"

    First off, Jensen Ackles was damn hot in this episode. That said, let’s talk about the character he plays, Soldier Boy. There is a debate going around after this episode that is Soldier Boy a bad guy? We saw in Herogasm that Soldier Boy confesses that he blacked out and didn’t mean to hurt the people in midtown. So, does that make him a nice person?

    Well, Soldier Boy has just been the Homelander of his time. He was arrogant, flirty and just like many supes, he didn’t seem to care the lives of normal people. Even all of his teammates hated him. So, in my opinion, Soldier Boy is definitely not a good person.

    But I also don’t consider him as an evil person – yet. Soldier Boy is a prick, yes. But he is not evil in his ulterior motives and nor he is as bad as Homelander.

    MM’s OCD

    As a person who is also diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), I just wanted to speak about the issue a bit. We have seen Mother Milk’s OCD throughout the season. As much as I like MM, it hurts me to see him getting triggered each time Soldier Boy comes into scene.

    One of my favorite scenes of this episode was when MM overcame his OCD in front of Soldier Boy. Starlight’s saying to him, “he doesn’t control you” really pushed Mother’s Milk to beat his compulsions and to do the right thing. Loved that moment.

    That “Halothane” scene when Soldier Boy literally smoked the gas bomb made me laughed out loud too.

    Is A-Train dead?

    A-Train dying scene
    A-Train dying scene

    A-Train asking for justice in episode Herogasm was nothing more than an irony. One of the most selfish characters was seen having a heart in this episode as he finally apologized to Hughie for the death of her girlfriend.

    To me, that scene was unexpected. First, Hughie standing against A-Train was very satisfactory, and then A-Train’s getting emotional? A cherry on top. However, as the speedy hero got his own justice by dragging Blue Hawk across the road, we saw that eventually his heart stopped.

    Now, is A-Train dead in The Boys? Well, of course, we can’t say for sure. However, he sort of got his closure in this episode. Furthermore, A-Train didn’t have much to do with the main plot of Season 3. He had his different arc, which got summed up. So, A-Train can be dead. But let’s see what happens.

    Homelander vs Soldier Boy, Butcher and Hughie

    Homelander faces off Soldier Boy

    The major highlight of The Boys’ Season 3, Episode 6 was the fight between Homelander and Soldier Boy, who was later accompanied by Butcher and Hughie. Imagine, a character so powerful who is occasionally compared with characters like Superman and Omni-Man, just got his ass kicked by two characters who were nothing but like insects to Homelander a season ago.

    Not to mention, this was the first time ever that we saw the mighty Homelander in a serious brawl and actually taking a beating. I really wasn’t expecting this in an episode called “Herogasm”. But, oh boy, it happened.

    The “upgrade” conversation between Solider Boy and Homelander also fired up the beginning of the fight. Now, Soldier Boy was clearly not on par with the maniac superman. But if he hadn’t used his chest blast some moments ago, he could have gotten Homelander in this episode. He probably needed time to charge the second blast attack and therefore, couldn’t finish the job.

    Butcher, on the other hand, quite stole the show. His expressions when he stood toe to toe with his nemesis. His laser attacks. Him beating Homelander (Let this sink in). Everything was sheer perfection. Straight up 10/10 moments.

    Homelander vs Soldier Boy, Butcher, Hughie

    Not forgetting our boy Hughie too. Although, he is on a very different path and has probably broken up with Annie, he managed to face off Homelander too. Homelander who was already on the verge of getting a complete maniac, will very likely go nuts on official level.

    Annie January

    One of the best character development in The Boys Season 3 was of Starlight’s. Correction, of Annie January’s. The stunning head popper, Victoria Neuman when revealed herself to Annie early in the Episode 6 and asked for her help, not only Annie declined, but she boldly stood up for herself.

    Starlight exposing Homelander

    Starlight has been shown powerless on multiple occasions through the series but now, in her own words, she is tired and is willing to take the high road. Herogasm ended on the scene where Annie quit being the Vought’s co captain and revealed the lies of the company and Homelander.

    Starlight has finally done what she was intending to do for quite some time now. To expose Vought and Homelander. However, she is also now in great danger. Even Victoria threated her before leaving by saying it’s difficult to take out country’s sweetheart, but “not impossible”.

    The Closure

    Victoria and Starlight

    As we close The Boys Season 3 Episode 6 Explained article, it is worth noting that this episode too had many closures. Starlight and Hughie kind of broke up. Frenchie and Kimiko seemingly got rid of Nina. A-Train’s heart gave out its last beat, perhaps. Mother’s Milk conquered his OCD. We finally saw Deep mating with an octopus (Just kidding).

    All in all, this was an epic episode. We are so hyped for the next two episodes. We wonder where Black Noir has run to after seeing his former lead. Anyways, that’s all on The Boys Season 3 Episode 6 Explained.

    Let’s see what happens. If you want us cover an analysis of next episodes, do let us know in comments below. For more reviews and content on TV shows, keep following Retrology.

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