Gaming Tekken 8 adds two more characters to roster, Raven and Azucena

    [Release Date Updated] Tekken 8 adds two more characters to roster, Raven and Azucena

    Two new characters for Tekken 8 were revealed at the EVO 2023 and were officially added to the list of fighters players will get to combat with. The newly introduced Azucena and the returning Raven would officially be now part of Tekken 8.

    Due to news leaks a few weeks prior to this announcement, many fans were already aware of this addition, with Raven being a confirmed return. They were still curious about the new character Azucena, whom they can learn about now as her details have been revealed. 


    Surrounded by alpacas, the “coffee queen” (her words) is the new character who is now part of Tekken 8. Azucena initially came to MMA to promote her family’s coffee business but was later looped into fighting in the King of Iron Fist Tournament. This doesn’t stop her to keep on advertising the family business as we can see most of her dialogues are centered around the “coffee”, even during the battle.

    Azucena is a martial artist, which shows her skills with masterful kicks in her move set. She has a provoking signature move that urges players to mistake it as an opening. This stance lets her avoid opponents’ punches and tire them out. She can continue with her counter-attack and attack while the opponent is still recovering.


    Raven is the second character recently revealed for Tekken 8 who as we mention is a returning character. He first appeared in Tekken 5 which makes him part of the franchise since 2004. Appearance-wise, the secret agent hasn’t changed significantly from his look in the previous entries.

    His trailer shows a cool new outfit and much upgraded ninjutsu skills this time. He is a perfect mixture of West with his appearance and East with his interest and skill in martial arts or ninjutsu, making him quite an interesting character. Despite not being playable in some installments, Raven plays a significant part in the storyline of Tekken.

    Other confirmed characters include Asuka, Jin and Jun Kazama, Leroy Smith, Nina Williams, Paul, Marshall Law, Kazuya Mishima, Jack 8, Lili, Bryan, and King.

    Update: With the latest news, Tekken 8 is set to release on January 26th, 2024 which is sooner than expected. The new installment in the Tekken series is expected to be available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X and S.

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