Stray Notebook Locations Guide

    Stray has been continuing to prove its worth by the gripping storyline, unique play style and bright graphics. Apart from its story, there are various objects which assist the Cat discover Outside among the crumbling and neon-lit cybercity. One of these objects is four Notebooks that you must discover in order to proceed to Chapter 4. These notebooks help in getting postcards which are a ticket to go Outside so lets talk about all four Stray notebook locations and how to find them.

    Stray Notebook Location # 1

    • The first notebook can be collected from Momo. He lives in a apartment complex by the large orange neon sign. You can reach there by following the path where there are multiple AC vents. Jump from them until you reach a balcony with a window open. This is Momo’s apartment.
    • Just go to his apartment and talk to him. He would talk about why he has stopped socializing and the reason for his abandonment of dreams of outside world.
    • Then, in the end of the conversation, he would willingly give you his notebook to fill it yourself with good things or adventures.
    Stray Notebook Locations # 1: Given by Momo
    Stray Notebook Locations # 1: Given by Momo

    Stray Notebook Location # 2

    • Return outdoors and look towards the left after collecting Momo’s Notebook. Your next stop is Zbaltazar’s apartment.
    • You would see a towering structure with a large blue Outsiders sign on the roof and encased metal fences on the sides.
    • When you reach the roof, disable the fan by removing the energy cell, allowing the cat to drop down into the apartment.
    • Look into the stack nearer to the sofa and knock it down. In one of those boxes, you will find the Zbaltazar’s Notebook inside.
    Stray Notebook Locations # 2 hidden in the stacked box
    Stray Notebook Locations # 2 hidden in the stacked box

    Stray Notebook Locations # 3

    • Continue walking until you notice a sofa and a television set above the rooftop.
    • Climb to the roof and access the Doc’s library through a tiny space.
    • After entering, proceed straight and then turn right.
    • The safe keys are to the right as you walk past a stack of books.
    • Remove yourself from the pile and turn left to locate additional books.
    • To discover a safe, you must first knock down the pile. The key can be obtained after B-12 translates the note.
    • Finally, interact with the safe to obtain Doc’s Notebook.
    Stray Notebook Locations # 3 inside the safe in library
    Stray Notebook Locations # 3 inside the safe in library

    Stray Notebook Locations # 4

    • The Clementine’s notebook may be located just across from Momo’s in Clementine’s apartment.
    • Look for an orange/red light by the window through which you would go in. This is Clementine’s place.
    • Pass through the open window, enter the back room, and then turn left into another small room.
    • Collect it from the computer desk at the far end, next to the computer display.
    Stray Notebook Locations # 4 on clementine's desk
    Stray Notebook Locations # 4 on clementine’s desk

    Now that all stray notebook locations are covered, you can get the post cards to move towards the next chapter in the game. Make sure to complete everything from collectables to miscellaneous tasks so that you wont miss anything behind.

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