GamingPlatformerSonic Frontiers M 049 Puzzle - Complete Solution

    Sonic Frontiers M 049 Puzzle – Complete Solution

    Sonic Frontiers has many puzzles and challenges waiting for you. Super Sonic cannot wait. So, be quick and catch up with the puzzle solution like the M 005 Puzzle. This guide to Sonic Frontiers M 049 puzzle solution will surely help you to solve the puzzle and proceed further.

    Sonic is lost in ancient islands filled with bizarre creatures. Various quests, numerous puzzles, and massive sculptures on five huge islands. These challenges are filled with fun and adventures. Here, you have to dodge enemies, fight enemies, and protect yourself from potential damage. Sonic has a lot to handle alone and is need desperate need of your help. Let’s get to solving this one first.

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    How to Beat M-049 in Sonic Frontiers
    How to Beat M-049 in Sonic Frontiers

    In puzzles like this, your abilities and strategic mind will be tested. You have to either collect some ancient items or get some amount of damage with a new condition. Especially map challenges are a bit tricky as they are time-based. With proper guidelines and supportive tips, you can succeed till the end.

    Here the challenge is to run through a series of glowing blue squares to reach from one end to another. There is no other way and you cannot miss even one of them as this stops the challenge right away. The twist is yet to come and that is you have to complete the Cyloop around the tower wreckage within the timer.

    Move the hourglass
    Move the hourglass

    Let’s start with a step-by-step procedure. Move the hourglass. You will have only 60 seconds to complete it. Here is my tip for you. As soon as you start the hourglass time, you move faster through the series, create the Cyloop around the tower, and reach the top of the tower without losing momentum.

    A series of small squares
    A series of small squares

    Next, as time begins the series of glowing blue squares. This is the path you have to pass from one end to another. Here as you move forward, you have to be faster as well. Move in a circular motion around the rocks to create the Cyloop. If you think you’re slow or you aren’t fast enough to complete the time-based puzzle, then you can collect Lost Koco to boost your speed. 

    More map of Ares Island  revealed
    More map of Ares Island revealed

    After Cyloop is created, reach the top to complete the challenge. As you reach the top, the timer stops and you will see more areas of Ares Island being revealed. This was a very simple time trial. With this strategy, I’m sure you will complete it on time.

    Sonic Frontiers M 049 Puzzle solution is best for your guidance and will help you to solve it faster and better. There are various time-based or collectible limit puzzles that you will need help with, stay tuned to Retrolgoy for more, and keep going with the SuperSonic speed. 

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