GamingPlatformerA solution to Sonic Frontiers M 014 puzzle

    A solution to Sonic Frontiers M 014 puzzle

    Released on the 8th of November 2022, Sonic Frontier has made quite a few players feel nostalgic. However, the publisher SEGA and the developers Sonic Team have confirmed that Sonic Frontiers will make you experience Sonic like never before. From new bosses and missions to collectibles and puzzles to solve, Sonic Frontiers is totally packed with fun stuff that will keep players at the corner of their seats.

    Nevertheless, after covering Sonic Frontiers M 005 Puzzle – Complete Solution, today in this guide, in order to save you some time and trouble, we will be helping you with everything you need to know about how to solve the Sonic Frontiers M 014 puzzle. So without wasting any time, let’s jump right into it.

    Sonic Frontiers M 014 puzzle – Solution

    The puzzle itself is very simple yet a little confusing for some players without proper guidance. Another thing about this is that, while all other puzzles can be solved at any time throughout the day, the M 014 puzzle can only be solved at night. Once you have a closer look at the symbol of the puzzle you will realize that there is a nighttime mark on it that lets you know that you can only solve it at night. So be sure to wait till nighttime in order to proceed with the puzzle.

    Solution to Sonic Frontiers M 014 puzzle

    Now, once you are ready to start the puzzle at night time, make your way to the location of the puzzle where you will be able to locate quite a few trees. However, some of those trees will be having a glowing golden orb around them. This is where many players get confused about what we really have to do.

    Cycloop ability

    So, all you have to do here is use your Cycloop ability and circle around the tree that has a golden orb. This will make the golden orb disappear which shows that you’re on the right path to solving the M 014 puzzle. There are in total 5 trees in this area with the golden orb, so be sure to make your way to all of them one by one and use the Cycloop ability and circle around them.

    Once you complete making circles around the trees with golden orbs and all of the orbs have disappeared, now give yourself a pat on the back because you just successfully completed the Sonic Frontiers M 014 puzzle. Quite easy right?

    Well, that takes us to the end of this Sonic Frontiers M 014 puzzle guide. Let us know in the comment section below which puzzle we should solve next. In case you are having a hard time defeating the Squid Guardian in Sonic Frontiers or want to check out more guides, stay tuned to Retrology.

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