GamingTurn-Based StrategySolving "Find The Missing Boots" Quest in Baldur's Gate 3

    Solving “Find The Missing Boots” Quest in Baldur’s Gate 3

    In Baldur’s Gate 3Underdark is one of those mysterious and intriguing maps that contain a lot for the players to explore find and do side quests for NPCs. Find the Missing Boots is also a quest you get in Underdark near the beach. This is a pretty simple and short quest but if you don’t know how to do it, here’s a complete guide for Find The Missing Boots Quest in Baldur’s Gate 3.

    Locate Gekh Coal

    To first start the quest, look for Gekh Coal who will be near the beach in the Underdark. He is tasked with finding the shoes that belong to a Duergar sergeant. He’ll explain that the lost shoes belonged to a Duergar sergeant and were taken by Thulla, a slave who is currently missing. This brings us to the next task which is finding Thulla.

    Find Thulla

    Thulla can be found easily in the Myconid colony in the Underdark present on the Northmost part of the map. Go up there and then talk to her. She will be in pain from the poison and will be in pain once you start talking. Now to get the boots, you can try it in two ways.

    One of the ways is to give her antitoxin, which completes the Cure the Poisoned Gnome quest. Then talk to her until she gives you the shoes herself. This is a long process and will take some time, but in turn, can give you information regarding her kin and the Duergar who have taken them slaves.

    Another way of taking her boots is by letting her get killed. This won’t affect anything else in the quest, and you’ll get the boots. You can also take the boots off of her without killing or helping her and then cure her later. Once you agree to help, the Save the Grymforge Gnomes quest will start which is a different quest joined with this one.

    Reach Grymforge

    Now take these shoes to Gekh Coal and he will tell you to take these to Sergeant Thrinn. To reach her, you’ll need to take the boat and reach the Grymforge. To reach there you’ll need to just say the truth and breeze your way through the guards to Sergent. If you want, you can also persuade the guards into thinking you are of a higher power.

    Go straight up the stairs and then turn right towards another set of stairs. Keep going until you see a round red circle in the middle room. Go inside and you’ll find Sergeant Thrinn in there. Give her the boots and she’ll reward you with a choice.

    • Armor of Uninhibited Kushigo
    • Bracing Band

    You can choose one of these and the quest will end here. That is all for this quest to Find The Missing Boots. There are many ways to complete this quest and you can choose which one you want. We’ve also covered other Quests so do check them out.

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