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    Solving “Aid The Underduke” Quest in Baldur’s Gate 3

    For a highly engaging game like Baldur’s Gate 3, you have a lot of stuff to do with the main quests to drive the story and the side quests to give you something extra to keep moving. Aid The Underduke Quest is one of the sides quests that involve a lot of searching along with battles and loot. This quest is part of Act 3 and can be completed easily if you know where to go. This guide will help you with the quest of Aid The Underduke so you can learn how to solve it step by step.

    To first start the quest, you’ll need to go to Rivington. At the river bank, you’ll hear someone talking about Stonelord’s men and how they’ve captured or taken over. They are the people of a specific Guild and are frustrated that Stonelord’s men are now taking over. Here you can pick a side or just watch as the fight finishes. Once done, you’ll talk with Farlin who will tell you details about the Stonelord and this whole situation.

    Visit the Guildhall

    Next, you’ll need to go to the Lower City of Baldur’s Gate and find Guildhall. To go inside, you’ll need a pass. Go to the right of the main door and ask for a pass. Here you’ll receive a temporary pass that you can use to access the main hall. Go inside and get all the loot available. Then go through the double doors on your right. Once through, talk to the lady at the desk, she’ll warn you about the counting house.

    The Counting House

    The counting house is filled with loot, so do keep an eye out for it. Other than that, here you’ll also come across some traps. If you’ve met with Nine-Fingers, you would know that she had laid some tracks here in alliance with Stonelord so be careful about them.

    High-Security Vault

    Near the end of the Counting House, you’ll come across a puzzle with nine buttons and 4 indicators. This puzzle wants you to press the right code.

    • First, select the top left button.
    • Next, fly to the top right one.
    • Jump towards the middle button.
    • And lastly, press the middle right button to open the vault.

    After opening the high-security vault, go inside until you reach and railing. From there, you’ll see Minsc, the Stonelord, and some other people who are talking about the Stonelord and gold. Here you’ll need to engage in a battle with the shape-shifters and Taheira.

    Once the battle is done, talk to Rakath. He will give you a side quest called Return Rakath’s Gold which will make you investigate the crime scene you just fought in and find loot.

    City Sewers

    Your next stop is the city sewers. Go inside and follow the main path until you reach a puzzle with two huge pipes. This is the Sluice Gate Puzzle.

    For this puzzle, you need to adjust the temperature and water level according to what is given above. There is no specific order in how to do it, so just fiddle with the wheels until you get them right. Once done, you’ll be able to open the pipe gate below the puzzle platform.

    Finding the Stonelord (aka Minsc)

    Once on the other side, you’ll encounter Minsc and many other characters like Taheira. After the dialogues, you’ll get into a battle with them against your team. In the battle, you can decide if you want to kill Minsc or let him live, which depends on your game situation. If you want to save him, you’ll need to have Jaheira on your team, otherwise, you’ll eventually end up killing him.

    Return to Guildhall

    Lastly, you’ll need to return to guildhall and engage in a battle against Zhentarim whom the Nine-Fingers team will warn you about. Once done, go talk to the leader of Nine-Fingers, and the quest would be done.

    That is all for this long and battle-filled quest to Aid The Underduke. Hopefully, the explanations and details were good enough for you to understand. For more queries, you can ask us anytime. You can check out more of these Baldur’s Gate 3 guides to learn more.

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