GamingTurn-Based StrategySolving "Avenge the Drowned" quest in Baldur's Gate 3

    Solving “Avenge the Drowned” quest in Baldur’s Gate 3

    In Baldur’s Gate 3, there are some quests that are the result of someone’s death and we take on the task of avenging it as a way of helping the family or clan. This quest is no different as it is to avenge Holli, a Waveservants of Umberlee as she was wrongfully murdered by a mysterious being. Here is the guide on how to complete this quest of Avenge the Drowned and give peace to the clan of the waveservant.

    Talk to the Water Queen

    To begin this quest, you have to go to the House of the Water Queen, which lies in the southwestern part of the Lower City when you get to Baldur’s Gate. Along the way, you will pass by a harbor area wherein lies the source of the problem that you will soon be tackling. Head into the House of the Water Queen and you will see that a funeral procession is currently ongoing.

    Once there, you’ll see a funeral going on and you’ll soon come to know that it’s for one of the Waveservants of Umberlee named Holli who was murdered in Grey Harbour. Go up to the head of this procession and talk to her. She will inform you that she was killed by the Beast who controls the waters of Grey Harbour.

    You can also use spells to ask Holli directly about this Beast if you want to know more about her death and Grey Harbour. This is not necessary but can be considered. After the details, you are now granted the task which you can accept to help them avenge her death.

    Finding the Poisonous Beast Master

    To find the beast, you first need to gather information. You can do it either on the corpse of Holli to get some information or by asking around the Harbour. Many people are willing to tell you anything they know, as they are also angry at this beast for killing and polluting the waters.

    Once you get the quest, you can also see a yellow circle around an area on the map. In this area, you can find the beast. One of these people will tell you that this beast was spotted near Flymm’s Cargo building, which is a place inside the yellow circle. This building is towards the east of this Harbor, west of the Counting House, and south of the Blushing Mermaid.

    Explore Flymm Cargo

    Go inside this circle and then use a lock-pick to open this building. Once inside, you will encounter some wolves, so defeat them to proceed forward. After they are dead, look around and you’ll spot some boxes over a hatch on the ground. Start moving those boxes until the latch is free to open.

    Decide Redhammer’s fate

    Once down the hatch, keep going until you reach the Subaquatic Dock and go towards the submersible down in the water. Next to a submersible, you’ll find its pilot who is Redhammer. Redhammer is the culprit everyone is talking about as he is the pilot of the beast which is not a real thing but a machine.

    Talk to him and he’ll tell you that he was given to him by Gortash as a transport machine for prisoners from and to the Iron Throne. Redhammer will not deny the problems caused by Beast along with the death of Holli. You can choose to kill him here, but if you do the next part, you can wait for the next best time. 

    Heading to the Iron Throne will lead Gortash to call you through a message and threaten to blow up the Iron Throne. You can choose here to save the prisoners or just leave. After avenging the death of Holli. If you choose no, you can just finish the quest here. Go to the next main section labeled “Completing the Avenge the Drowned quest.”

    Head to Iron Throne (Optional)

    This part of the quest is optional and can be skipped if you just want your quest to be over with. If you can wait, this part can be used to gather some valuable allies on the Iron Throne. Also, this optional part is better to be done before any other steps so you have a crucial step done while doing other parts. 

    When you reach the Iron Throne, your first priority should be to save any prisoners and Archduke Ravengard. All the prisoners you can save can only be done in eight turns. So save as many as you can with speed. Here you’ll find Gondians who will become your allies once you decide to destroy Steel Watch Foundry and go against Gortash. Their alliance is based on the fact that they were trapped in this Factory. Free all of them and they will join forces in defeating anyone who harms you.

    Ending the Quest

    Once you are done saving, the sub will come back up to the Flynn Cargo building and you will meet the Wavemother priestess who gave you the Avenge the Drowned quest. She will ask if you were the one who blew up the Iron Throne, and if you reply yes, you will complete the quest and receive an extremely rare chest piece as a reward.

    And this is how you can complete this quest in Baldur’s Gate 3. Hopefully, this guide has all the points you were curious about so you can finish the quest easily. If you want a more laid-back quest, try Finding Dribbles The Clown Quest which we also have a guide for.

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