GamingTurn-Based StrategyBaldur's Gate 3: Finding Dribbles The Clown Quest Guide

    Baldur’s Gate 3: Finding Dribbles The Clown Quest Guide

    During the game Baldur’s Gate 3, you’ll come across a quest called Find Dribbles the Clown quest. This quest starts when you approach Dribbles at the Circus of the Days, but soon find out that the one you are talking to is not Dribbles but a shape-shifter. After defeating him, you now need to go to Lady Lucretious and learn that the real Dribbles is dead, along with the fact that all of his parts are severed and spread across the Lower City. To help you find all the body parts, this guide will help you find each Dribbles The Clown body part, step by step to complete this quest. Make sure to get a handful of Thieves’ tools as there would be a lot of hatchets to open. 

    Severed Hand

    Coordinates: X -91, Y -54

    The first and easiest part to find is the severed Hand. For this, go west from the main location of Circus o the last days. On this left side, you’ll find Popper’s stand. Go near her and, with stealth, steal the hand she has. When you go near her, you’ll get the option to talk but avoid that. Keep inching forward until you can get a steal option, and do that to get this Dribble’s severed hand.

    Severed Torso

    Coordinates: X 34, Y 1007

    Next is the severed torso. Start from South Span Checkpoint all the way around, ending at Cave Mouth. Go inside and climb up the Cragged wall rock after the bridge. There would be a few people dead there. Go up to Pamela Lumpensicks and get the torso from her.

    Another location where some find this torso is the Monastery just above the circus and below the other location. Go down from the locked hatchet in there and advance to the rocky cave area. Here, on top of one of the bodies will be the torso.

    Severed Leg

    Coordinates: X -78, Y -76

    At the lower city wall, go to the end of the diagonal wall and stop at the last house at the end of the turn in this road. Go inside and open a hatch. Once inside, run straight ahead until you reach a strange circle with a body in the middle named Incontinentia Figgin. Take the leg from it.

    Severed Arm

    Coordinates: X 37, Y -97

    Southeast to the Sorcerers Sundries, find Peatree’s Home. Inside, you’ll notice a chest on your right. Move it anywhere else and a hatch would be revealed underneath. Go down and look for a body on your right. The severed arm is found in his inventory.

    Severed Foot

    Coordinates: X 121, Y 3

    Go to the Rainforest’s house that is beside The blushing Mermaid building. Find a hatch inside which is placed below the stairs and go in. You’ll find the foot instantly on the body there.

    Severed Pelvis

    Coordinates: X -92, Y 115

    This one is pretty straightforward. Go straight north from the Basilisk Gate and spot a small house. Inside here is the Severed pelvis part present on a dead body.

    Severed Head

    Coordinates: X -65, Y 1041

    For the severed head, you’ll need to go to the sewers near the Undercity ruins entrance. There is a door that you need to open by shooting down the corpses handing in front of it. The blood from these corpses will open the door. This next part is part of the You’ll find this Orin the Red quest so finish it to proceed. Once finished, look around the Temple Complex and you’ll find a body with a head. Interact with it to get the last Dribbles The Clown body part and complete the quest.


    Lastly, make sure you have all the items in the inventory and your quest will be then considered complete. To get the reward, return to Lady Lucretius to get your prize, which is the Spellmight Gloves. This item allows you to deal an additional 1d8 damage by taking a -5 penalty to your spell attack roll.

    And this is how you can complete this Dribbles The Clown Quest.

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