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    One Punch Man Chapter 155 Discussion and Analysis: Blast, Sage Centipede, and More

    Before starting One Punch Man Chapter 155 discussion, it should be noted that this article contains spoilers for the latest chapter of the One Punch Man manga. With the disclaimer right out of the way, let’s jump right into the Chapter 155 discussion and analysis.

    Flashy Flash gets defeated

    It seems that Flash Flash was the first to get knocked out in the trio battle of Garou, Platinum Sperm, and the S-Class hero, Flashy Flash. According to us, Flashy Flash put up a pretty decent fight against two villains even though he was just 13th ranked S-Class hero. This tells that rankings are not based only on strength and fighting capabilities otherwise Flashy Flash would have been higher in the list of the top heroes. Given that the hero faced humiliation after meeting four characters who surpassed his speed in a single day, Flashy Flash would aim to be stronger than before after this arc.

    Garou Dominates

    Garou wins the 3v3 battle

    Ironically, Garou beats Platinum Sperm in the same manner the monster made his first move i.e. “Don’t mind me. Just passing through.” Clearly, Garou is the winner here of the 3v3 battle but some fans suggested that Platinum Sperm is not fully defeated yet. To me personally, he seemed pretty much done as he sort of exploded but let’s see if this overpowered villain makes a comeback or not.

    Other Dimensions’ Heroes?

    Blast reappeared in One Punch Man Chapter 155. However, the first appearance of Blast in this chapter wasn’t him but the same entity that is being referred to as “God” in the manga. The false Blast offers Tatsumaki help but she remembers Blast’s advice of relying only on herself when the time comes and questions the identity of fake Blast. It is unknown what did God want from Tatsumaki and what’s his goal really is. But based on real Blast comments, he seems a real threat. Would he be the ultimate villain of One Punch Man manga? Let us know what do you think in the comments below.

    one punch man chapter 155 discussion
    Blast and other dimesions’ heroes

    One thing really interesting that happened in Chapter 155 is that we got to see a glimpse of heroes possibly from other dimensions. Before leaving the scene, Blast mentioned that he has to provide those heroes a back up which means that Blast and the other dimension heroes – who are totally unknown at this point – are fighting foes way stronger than any villain in Saitama’s dimension.

    Sage Centipede

    We would One Punch Man Chapter 155 discussion with no other than the newly revealed centipede monster, the Sage Centipede (or in other translation “Great Monster Hermit Centipede”). It seems like centipedes are a thing in One Punch Man. So far, we have seen a lot of centipede monsters in the manga such as Junior Centipede, Senior Centipede, Elder Centipede, and now even bigger and more vicious, Sage/Hermit Centipede. We all know how much trouble the last centipede created for the heroes and this time we have an even more terrifying centipede along with another great threat, the Evil Natural Ocean. But thankfully, Saitama is present there, so eventually, we wouldn’t have to worry. Given that Saitama hasn’t been in serious action in a while, I think this would be his time to show his true strength once more.

    That’s all for the One Punch Man Chapter 155 discussion. See you in the next review and discussion. Till then, keep following Retrology.

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