EntertainmentMangaOne Piece Manga Creator Says: “The Story Is in the Final Stage”

    One Piece Manga Creator Says: “The Story Is in the Final Stage”

    The story of One Piece has been around for decades now. Many readers are deeply interested in reading it and they have been enjoying it since its first release. But like every other thing, good things also must come to an end. One Piece readers were quite upset when the creator Eiichiro Oda revealed that the series is finally coming to an end.  The announcement of its end was mentioned in a newspaper advertisement for One Piece’s forthcoming 100th collected volume.

    One Piece is considered the most successful and popular manga to date. Although there are two most famous animes, One Piece, and Naruto One Piece is considered better than Naruto because of its character development, strong storyline, and depth.

    Oda began serializing the manga in Weekly Shonen Jump in 1997, and the manga has been published in around 30 countries. The manga also set a Guinness World Record for the most published comic book series by the same author. It has also won the 41st Japan Cartoonist Award in 2012. One Piece presently holds the title of being the best-selling manga series of all time; with almost half a billion copies in circulation worldwide.

    Talking about the ending of One Piece, Oda said that the last stage will be no less than a war and it will leave the readers in shock as it will be hard for the fans to take. Although Oda wants fans to be cheerful as they enjoy the remainder of the Wano Country arc. He also said that they can reflect on the manga’s finale when they have a quiet moment to think about it.

    This was about the ending of One Piece. Let’s just hope Oda brings a classic ending to the already classic story! To know about Why is Zoro considered a racist? (One Piece) or for more entertainment, keep following Retrology.

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