One Piece Black Maria cosplay collection from multiple artists!

    While, in the manga, the Wano arc is almost finished, in anime the action is going in full swing. The recent episodes have finally initiated Nico Robin vs Black Maria fight – both deadly in strength and charm. Speaking of the huge female villain, Black Maria’s design is very different from other Tobiroppo members. Her alluring design has made various artists online to do her cosplay and how can we miss that? In this article, we bring you the latest Black Maria Cosplay form the anime One Piece.

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    First up, we have the gorgeous looking Black Maria cosplay by the artist @azubises. You can see that she has quite nailed the looks of the Beast Pirate.

    Black Maria Cosplay
    Black Maria Cosplay by azubises

    Next we have Kirinz00. Judging from other cosplays, it seems that she rocks every One Piece cosplay that she does. This time, she has cosplayed Black Maria and as always the get up is on point!

    Cosplay of Black Maria
    Black Maria cosplay by Kirinz00

    Following is another image from the same cosplayer but in her slightly different pose.

    Black Maria cosplayed
    via Kirinz00

    In terms of setting up the background and capturing the actual look of Black Maria, the cosplayer @love1loooomy has a remarkable job. Not only is her cosplay so great, but the photography also deserves the same respect.

    Black Maria Cosplay
    Cosplayer: love1loooomy

    In the second picture, the model poses as Black Maria with rather innocent expressions.

    Black Maria

    Last but not least, we bring you a video to feast your eyes of the above Black Maria cosplay by @love1loooomy.

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