EntertainmentMangaOne Piece Chapter 1051 Discussion: Momonosuke adult form is better than expected!

    One Piece Chapter 1051 Discussion: Momonosuke adult form is better than expected!

    One Piece Chapter 1051 is out, and it has revealed to the fans a long-waited form of a character. Ever since, Momonosuke became an adult dragon, there came many fan art that showed the assumed form of the new shogun of Wano. However, now that Oda has officially drawn Momonsuke in adult form, we see that it is different from what people were expecting but is actually far better. Before we begin One Piece Chapter 1051 discussion, it should be noted that this post contains spoilers for One Piece manga.

    Momonosuke Expected Designs

    Before talking about Momonosuke’s adult form, let’s discuss how fans were expecting it to be. We all knew that he would resemble Oden and would be a tall and handsome character. But since, he had a chonmage haircut, it was assumed his head would look almost the same.

    Here are some fan arts to make it further clear.

    By Nani-Chwan on Reddit
    Unknown Artist

    Momonosuke’s Adult Form

    However, it seems Oda had a different looking adult Momonosuke design. In One Piece Chapter 1051, Momonosuke gave a powerful speech – with the help of Kinnemon and presented himself in front of the people of Wano.

    Both the residents of Wano and fans were in awe when the Oden’s son appeared with his handsome looks, carrying one of his father’s sword and having really long hair. I must say that I was really surprised.

    Momonosuke Adult Form

    Given that how the author character designs could both be very good-looking and very funny or ugly looking (hinting at Orochi and Caribou), I was first relieved that Oda chooses Momonosuke’s adult form to be a good-looking one.

    To me personally, Momonosuke as an adult is one of the best looking characters in the entire series. As far as his resemblance to Oden is concerned, if we pay attention, his eyes, and nose are just like Oden while his face cut is on his mother, Toki.

    Momonosuke Adult Form (Closeup)

    All in all, this was a great chapter. The narration in the end shook me as it highlighted the true potential of Momonosuke in future. And if we think of it makes sense. The new shogun will have the support of Red Scabbards, the legendary sword and a devil fruit on par with Kaido’s fruit. Of course, he would make one hell of a leader.


    Even though this discussion was mainly about Momonosuke. Let’s briefly discuss other scenes as well.

    • The people of Wano still remembers all members of Red Scabbards even after 20 years.
    • The whole Wano listened to Momonosuke through Light-Scroll Snails.
    • Yamato said that she plans to join Straw Hat Pirates (super excited about this).
    • Tama had a very emotional backstory, and she wants Speed to be like her mother.
    • Tama’s devil fruit’s effect lasts only a month, after that the affected people have choice to stay sincere with here or not.

    That’s all regarding One Piece Chapter 1051 discussion and Momonosuke’s adult form. Let’s see what happens next. Will Kaido return as some fans suggest, or is he defeated for good? Are you happy with how the fight got concluded? Let us know in the comments below.

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