GamingFirst-Person ShooterNightmare Reaper, the classic Doom-like FPS is now available on consoles

    Nightmare Reaper, the classic Doom-like FPS is now available on consoles

    Nightmare Reaper is a video game created by Blazing Bit Games and released by Feardemic. It is a chaotic and violent retro first-person shooter combining shooter and roguelite gameplay which reminds us greatly of the classic DOOM. The most amazing feature of Nightmare Reaper is that it boasts a whopping range of 50+ weapons.

    The plot of the game revolves around the patient who wakes up in a mental asylum in her room. From there, she moves through different levels, defeating demons and progressing gradually. It is vague as to what the storyline or plot is, but one can assume that the monsters are the result of her psychosis or some other mental illness, and the killing of the monsters is escaping her nightmarish mind.

    Details for Nightmare Reaper

    The game is available on PC for a while now, but now Nightmare Reaper is also playable on all major consoles, including the PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch.

    The price for the complete game is 8.49 USD on Steam. If you are not sure about the game yet, you can always try the free demo present on Steam and then determine whether to commit or not.

    How much similar it is to DOOM?

    Right off the bat, both games have the same pixelated design with 2D characters and 3D surroundings. This is called 2.5D graphics, so both possess that. The core of the gameplay is the same as both are first-person shooting titles.

    Both games are pretty much similar in all other aspects with stage progression, boss fights, and controls. The major difference is that Nightmare Reaper is a roguelite and this makes it very interesting. Of course, at the time of classic DOOM, roguelite genre wasn’t as popular as it is now.

    Another major difference is the weapon range. The original DOOM only had a few basic weapons to choose from, while Nightmare Reaper has 50+ weapon choices. This is because you can upgrade them when required.

    Other than this, both of them are quite similar. If you want to feel nostalgic without playing the same plot, you can try Nightmare Reaper and enjoy the retro vibes similarly.

    Official Trailer

    Here is the official game trailer released for all platforms. The official channel of Blazing Bit also has an animated version of the game, so if you want to, it’s an interesting trailer too.

    Another new game, Mouse, the Cuphead-inspired FPS game is also in the market so if FPS is your forte, do check this out.

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