NewsDOOM Creator launching a new game: Everything revealed so far

    DOOM Creator launching a new game: Everything revealed so far

    The information of DOOM creator’s new game news being confirmed has filled the fans with a new curiosity. With many games having a relaunch, John Romero had something else on his mind. He is a co-creator of the massively successful computer game DOOM which launched in 1993 along with other noteworthy games like Quake, Wolfenstein, and Hexen.

    Now, he has a new project in his work which would be released through his own label, Romero Games. While specifics about the next project are not many at the moment there are few said by the creator himself. John Romero has revealed that it will be a new first-person shooting game built on Epic’s newest technology, Unreal Engine 5.

    DOOM creator new game news

    He further added to the news by stating:

    “It’s a new dawn for Romero Games. We’re working with a major publisher to develop John Romero’s next shooter: an all-new FPS with an original, new IP. Our team is expanding, and we’re looking for talented people for all positions and at all experience levels, particularly those with Unreal Engine 5 experience.”

    On the Romero Games website, not much is revealed other than the fact that there will be some form of multiplayer component. This is perhaps not unexpected in a game from the man generally recognized for coining the phrase “deathmatch.” It will also reportedly support widescreen displays.

    John Romero, with his team and various companies, has come out with a few games over time like Daikatana, Empire of Sin, etc. These games weren’t exceptional but also not horrible. The reason why many fans were disappointed was the expectations that were set after the DOOM success. They expected more from the creator of one of the best games which is still known today and this sometimes can be a bad trait to have.

    Romero games logo: DOOM creator new game news
    Romero games logo: DOOM creator new game news

    After the DOOM creator new game news, it is evident that fans hope that the creators are redeemed and launch a game up to the company’s glorious standards. Also now the game is produced under a new title Romero Games which does give a hint that it would be different. Maybe it would purely reflect what John Romero’s ideas are. The only thing we can do is wait till it’s released and then express our opinions. That would be a fair time to see if it can come up to its old standards.

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