NewsKristala, a Souls-like RPG but with Cats reveals new Gameplay

    Kristala, a Souls-like RPG but with Cats reveals new Gameplay

    Kristala is a Dark Fantasy Action RPG game; similar to the Lords of the Fallen where you play as a young feline warrior who must master the six magic specialties of the revered ancient Kristals and understand the story. The game is still under production and recently the gameplay trailer of Kristala. The trailer visualizes how the concept and game will play out with a feline character.

    The player assumes the role of a Kristala with the capacity to interact with sacred Kristals that are imbued with magic. Players who have been given the gift must go on a dangerous mission in order to ally themselves with the legendary Raksaka warriors. You move from clan to clan throughout the game, taking on the six formidable Kristal Guardians who keep watch over the Kristals and are there to put your acquired skills to the test.

    Kristala Gameplay

    The gameplay and control of Kristala are very simple and easy to follow. Even though you are playing as a cat, the actions aren’t really fast to make you lose the character.

    Basic Attacks

    There are many strategies to avoid getting hurt, such as blocking, dashing/rolling, and diverting blows. You have the ability to cast a variety of spells, use several weapon abilities, and combo attacks. In addition to usual light and heavy attacks, a chargeable heavy attack is also an option that is a little different.

    Feline traits

    The character can also be fully customized using a variety of talent trees, including a feline skill tree that lets you level up a tonne of awesome feline-related abilities. These include improved hearing, night vision, the capacity to use your claws to open locked doors, and gates, improved stealth, etc. These are added to make the player feel completely like they are playing as a cat.

    Another addition is that you can now move around small spaces, which can be quite helpful in sneak attacks. Pretty good for climbing over and then attacking when least expected.

    The official website of Astral Clocktower Studios has all the details regarding the making of the game and the concept art for different characters. You can visit there if you are interested in that type of nitty-gritty stuff.

    Kristala is confirmed to launch on PS5, Xbox Series XS, Switch, and PC which is confirmed by the trailer. Unfortunately, the release date isn’t confirmed yet, so stay tuned for news to get an update as soon as it comes out.

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