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    How to Unlock Vanarana Tree of Dreams Genshin Impact

    Mihoyo’s Genshin Impact is an open-world action and adventure RPG. The game’s latest version introduced new events, skins for characters, and a slew of incentives. We will help you through the process of Unlocking Vanarana Tree of Dreams in Genshin Impact along with the quests needed for it to unlock.

    To unlock the Vanarana Tree of Dreams, you’ll need to go through these quests first:

    Aranyaka: Part I (Woodland Encounter)

    The Children of Vimara Village 

    • To the west of Gandharva Ville, look for a girl who is being attacked by mushrooms. Defeat the mushrooms to initiate a conversation with the girl named Rana, kicking off the Aranyaka World Questline.
    • Gather a battle-ready squad and follow Rana to a Withering Zone. Help her get rid of the abnormality by shooting the buds of the Withering Branches and killing the foes that appear.
    • After that, interact with the Tumor of the Withering to trigger a cinematic showing the corrosion being removed from the region.
    • After you’ve defeated the Withering Zone, follow Rana to Vimara Village, where she’ll introduce you to a number of the locals.
    • You will be tasked with entertaining three kids: Iotham, Kavus, and Sudabeh.
    • You can speak to them in any sequence and select any dialogue option, as they will all result in the same outcome. After that, speak with Rana to finish the World Quest.

    Into the Woods

    • You must now assist Rana in clearing two Withering Zones. Simply follow the quest marker and clear the area of anything harmful.
    • Once both Withering Zones have been cleared, follow Rana to the swampy area teeming with Spinocrocodiles. Defeat them to advance to the next stage of the quest.
    • You must collect three firewoods from areas around.
    • These are their exact places:
      • The first is hidden under shrubs
      • The second is by a Harra Fruit shrub
      • The third is behind a tree.

    The Lost Child

    • To find Iotham, follow the quest sign into the cave.
    • Follow the road, defeating Fatui along the way, and then go deeper inside to reach a Withering Zone.
    • You’ll be requested to return to Vimara Village once you’ve defeated the Withering. Do not teleport to Vimara Village.
    • Follow the mission marker to the cave’s entrance to initiate a chat with Rana and Iotham. Following that portion, you can teleport to Vimara Village and chat with Alphonso.
    • You’ll be taken back to the cave, only to discover that Rana has vanished.
    • Follow the green trails to Devantaka Mountain’s swamp area.
    • Interact with Rana, who is stuck inside the Ararakalari barrier.
    • Aranara will arrive and advise you to go to Varanara and sing to find the Bija, which is the key to defeating Marana.

    Aranyaka: Part II (Dream Nursery)

    • The World of Aranara begins with a prompt to travel to Vimara Village in search of an elderly man named Amadhiah. As you proceed through Paimon’s discourse, follow the quest marker to luminous locations.
    • You’ll ultimately reach the northern part of Chatrakam Cave, where you can activate a concealed Teleport Waypoint. Follow the green traces until you come across a bizarre arch with music notes in between.
    • Equip and activate the Vintage Lyre to play Arana’s song, the Rhythm of the Great Dream.
    • Play the following notes in this exact order on the first line of the music score: fa > mi > so > fa > do. This will open the Phantasmal Gate.
    • Face south and pass through the Phantasmal Gate to finish the Challenge. Continue down the trail and collect six Phantasmal Seeds.
    • When you’re done, turn left and utilize the Four-Leaf Sigil to shoot yourself into the massive lily pad.
    • Using Electro, activate the purple blossom and glide ahead to the next bunch of Phantasmal Seeds.
    • Follow the green trails until you come to an odd stone with a swirl design. Activate the Vintage Lyre and repeat the first line: fa > mi > so > fa > do.
    • You will encounter an Aranara named Arama who will want your assistance in assisting other Aranara companions. Light up Vanarana to make exploring the area simpler.
    • After completing the task, follow Arama and help them destroy the Vanagni.
    • Before departing, return to the stone and play the same tune with the Vintage Lyre to be transported to the dream Vanarana, where all of the small Aranara companions live.
    • To complete the World Quest, follow the quest marker to Araja’s house. You will acquire Aranyaka and an Ode to Soul-Light as Quest Items.

    Trees and Dreams Quest

    Then start the “Trees and Dreams” quest. You don’t need to proceed with other Part II quests so just move towards this one.

    Trees and Dreams Quest
    Trees and Dreams Quest

    Vanarana Tree of Dreams

    Location of Teleport
    Location of Teleport

    After completing this quest, the quest, Tree of Dreams will appear in the quest menu. Use the quest navigator to navigate to the magical tree northeast of Vanarana. When you interact with it for the first time, a Tree of Dreams emblem will appear on your World Map.

    Teleporting to it, however, will take you to the Vanarana Statue of the Seven rather than the tree’s specific location. You can level up the Tree of Dreams by exchanging 35 Dendro Sigils for rewards.

    That is all for Vanarana Tree of Dreams Genshin Impact, location, and quest details. Also, check out these guides regarding Genshin Impact.

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