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    How to complete the Varré quest in Elden Ring

    The Elden Ring game has gained much popularity with its amazing gameplay and open-world design theme. The freedom of exploration allows the gamer to travel through different areas in search of hidden collectibles and items. However, this game is not only about finding the collectibles. In this article, we are going to provide a complete guide on how to conquer the level Varré quest in the Elden Ring.

    The Varré quest is easy to miss for the one who does not like to other explore areas of the game. However, the completion of such quests helps you to progress to the next step. Follow this complete guide and conquer the level Varré quest in the Elden ring. You get a chance to meet Varré early in the game. Stick to the guide, find Varre, and complete this quest.

    Find Rose Church Location

    varre quest in elden ring

    After meeting him early in the game at the First step site of Grace, you would not find him again soon until you reach Liurnia of the Lakes. The attached picture will help you to find the exact location of Varré.

    But before you find Varré at this new location, you must defeat Godrick, return back to Roundtable Hold, and speak to Finger Reader Enia at Stormveil Castle. You will meet him at Rose Church located south of the Raya Lucaria Academy.

    Talking to Varré at Rose Church

    Here Varré will give you two options to select from. If you choose “They didn’t seem right”, he will give you five Festering Bloody Fingers, and then you can continue your quest. However, if you choose the second one “They were magnificent”, he will tell you that his mission is done.

    You can use the Festering Bloody Fingers only three times to invade other enemies. After completing this step, Varré will ask you to join his order. However, here you are bound to accept his order as this quest would not continue without this confirmation.

    Church of Inhibition: Lord of Blood’s Favor

    varre quest in elden ring

    This is another part of the quest where you must soak the Lord of Blood’s Favor in the blood of a maiden. There are multiple ways to reach the Church of Inhibition. However, the fastest way to reach here is to head in from the north and use Torrent to dash up the hill towards the church.

    You need to fight a lot of enemies while traveling up to the church. Whereas, the biggest problem that you will face is the Frenzy Flaming Tower. This tower will impose the madness effect. Therefore, use terrain to keep the line of sight as much as possible. Once you pass through the village on the slope, get ready as you will get invaded by an NPC. As you reach the Church of Inhibition, look at the chair to the sight of the Grace and grab the Finger Maiden Armor from the corpse.

    Where to find the Pureblood Knight’s Medal?

    Lastly, return to Varre at Rose Church, and there he will give you the Bloody Finger Item. Moreover, request him again to receive the Pureblood Knight’s Medal, which is a reusable item that will teleport you to Moghwyn’s Palace. This is the place where you will fight the boss Mogh.

    In case, you use this item to teleport to the Palace, you will get a chance to fight and invade Varre. Just defeat him and earn his special Bouquet Hammer.

    An alternative route to reach Moghwyn’s Palace without Varre

    If you kill Varré before getting the Pureblood Knight’s Medal, there is still a chance for you to reach the Palace. There is a hidden path, moreover a portal on the western edge of the mountaintop of the Huge regions that will take you to your destination. As you find the portal, use it to teleport to a dark tunnel, and on the other side of the tunnel, you will find your location.

    This guide will help you to conquer the Varré quest with much ease in the Elden ring. Just follow the basic steps mentioned in the article and jump to other quests. The right strategy eventually will lead you to success. Moreover, follow this guide and master all the necessary skills to beat the historic bosses of the game during this quest. For more, game reviews and guides, keep following Retrology.

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