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    How to beat Revenants in Elden Ring

    Elden Ring is an action role-playing game that is filled with numerous enemies for you to defeat and quests to complete. One of these enemies is Revenants which many players find quite difficult to overpower because of its swift attacks that can easily be misjudged. And if you are also one of those players then believe me you don’t have to worry about the Revenants because we got you covered. In this guide, we will help you with how to beat Revenants in Elden Ring. So without any further ado, let’s get into it.

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    Revenants Attacks

    beat revenants in elden ring
    Revenant from Elden Ring

    Other than the swift attacks that can easily be misjudged, Revenants also has the ability to teleport. The location is usually in a straight line in front of it, often right behind you, and you can indicate it by a pool of gold and black spirit energy that appears on the ground. Additionally, another attack that Revenants use is its poison spit move. This is the only long-range attack of Revenants and they can cover a significant amount of ground with this one.

    How to Beat Revenants in Elden Ring

    Before you get into the fight with Revenants, make sure that you are prepared well, as discussed earlier Revenants are quite quick. Although they have only a few attacks, they can be very difficult to avoid, and making a counter-attack is something that might take some time to master. Make sure that you focus more on fast attacks rather than strong attacks, wear light armor, and carry light weapons to move more swiftly.

    beat revenants in elden ring
    Revenant from Elden Ring

    If you’re using a shield using a barricade shield on your shield can really help as it’ll prevent stamina damage when you get attacked. You can even block its entire combo chain attack if you have enough stamina and a barricade shield. On the other hand, Revenants are particularly vulnerable to area-of-effect healing. Revenants will be stunned instantaneously by spells like Erdtree Heal

    Melee Strategy

    Melee’s class is not the best when it comes to defeating Revenants. However, if you have a Melee class you will have to use your opportunities wisely. Whenever the Revenant attacks make sure that you do not stay close to it for longer than one or two strikes. You can also use Spirit summon that will assist you with distracting the Revenant, so you can attack more frequently.

    Magic Strategy

    Magic-users can use Heal to shatter its defense and do massive damage. Create a distraction by summoning the Lone Wolves, then approach near the Revenant and cast your healing spell as often as you can. This will disrupt the Revenants and will leave them open for strikes. You can also keep on casting more and more spells to finish it off.

    That is all about how to beat Revenants in Elden Ring. To know about the list of all Elden Ring main bosses or for more guides, keep following Retrology.

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