All Elden Ring Paintings Locations and Solutions

    Are you looking for all of the mysterious Elden Ring paintings and struggling to find their locations? FromSoftware games are famous for their cryptic puzzle for players to solve, and there are many in The Lands Between. You’ll be decoding Elden Ring map fragments, chasing rumors, and collecting prizes from long-dead painters in this case.

    You can find enormous paintings scattered across Elden Ring’s realm. So, what are your options for these works of art? Of course, track down the original artists and get some gear and presents from them. We’ve compiled a list of all the paintings locations in Elden Ring so you can meet them all.

    You’ll most likely come upon Artist’s Shack while wandering around East Limgrave. An artwork titled “Homing Instinct” can be seen in this damaged house. On closer investigation, the painting’s description will reveal that there is a reward if you go to the location in the picture.

    Now, here’s the thing: you’re not going to the location in the painting to answer the puzzles. To meet the artist, you must travel to the site where they were painted. Homing Instinct, for example, was painted near the Seaside Ruins Site of Grace, which is just east of the Stranded Graveyard along the coast. You’ll find a phantom artist sitting close in front of a few graves and an archway if you go there. If you get a little closer, they’ll vanish, rewarding you for your efforts.

    Homing Instinct Painting Location and Reward

    Painting location: Artist’s Shack (East Limgrave)
    Reward location: Seaside Ruins (West Limgrave)
    Reward: Incantation Scarab headpiece

    The Homing Instinct painting can be found in East Limgrave, right close to the Artist’s Shack Site of Grace, which is on a hill overlooking the Mistwood Outskirts Site of Grace. On a hill overlooking the swampy ruins in West Limgrave, a ghostly painter holds your reward. Follow the cliffs east of the abandoned graveyard where you first landed in the game to reach there.

    Prophecy Painting Location and Reward

    Painting location: Stormveil Castle (West Limgrave)
    Reward location: Church of Pilgrimage (Weeping Peninsula)
    Reward: Warhawk Ashes

    The Prophecy painting can be found in Stormveil Castle, past the courtyard full of flamethrowers. To find a little library chamber with the Prophecy painting, go to the west side of the courtyard, just before the staircase. The painting’s ghostly artist can be seen on a cliff just outside the Church of Pilgrimage, which is located on the Weeping Peninsula’s northernmost tip (south of Limgrave).

    Resurrection Painting Location and Reward

    Painting location: Artist’s Shack (Liurnia)
    Reward location: Caria Manor
    Reward: Juvenile Scholar Cap, Juvenile Scholar Robe, Larval Tear

    Another Artist’s Shack, this one in Liurnia, houses the Resurrection artwork. It’s on a hill in Liurnia’s eastern outskirts, just north of the Liurnia Tower Bridge. Head to Caria Manor in Liurnia’s northwestern corner to get your rewards. This painting can be found near the center of a graveyard right east of the manor walls facing the ravine, to the southeast of the Behind Caria Manor Site of Grace.

    Redmane Painting Location and Reward

    Painting location: Sellia Under-Stair (Caelid)
    Reward location: Dragonbarrow Cave (Caelid)
    Reward: Ash of War: Rain of Arrows

    The Redmane painting is a challenging puzzle that requires you to avoid sorcerers and jump a lot. Begin your journey in Caelid’s Sellia Under-Stair Site of Grace. Take the stairs up, hang a right, and then a quick left to find the Redmane painting beneath a partially collapsed arch with many opponents digging around nearby. You’ll be doing some extremely dangerous parkour in Caelid as a reward. Begin in the Dragonbarrow Fork Site of Grace and travel east to the Minor Erdtree marked on your map. Check out the cliff to the south then head east up the road to a collection of broken pot boys beneath the Erdtree.

    Champian’s Song Painting Location and Reward

    Painting location: The Shaded Castle (Altus Plateau)
    Reward location: Rampartside Path (Altus Plateau)
    Reward: Harp Bow

    Head northeast along the ramparts from the Shaded Castle Ramparts Site of Grace until you reach the collapsed segment of the wall. A little covered wooden stairway with the Champion’s Song inside runs up the rampart walls on your left side. Just keep an eye out for the toxic goop underneath. Head to the Rampartside Path Site of Grace, which is located southeast of the Shaded Castle and near the Fortified Manor’s outer wall, to collect the Harp Bow as your prize. Your ghostly painter companion is perched on a tiny cliff halfway between the Rampartside Path and the Sainted Hero’s Grave.

    Flightless Bird Painting Location and Reward

    Painting location: Fortified Manor First Floor (Altus Plateau)
    Reward location: Windmill Village (Altus Plateau)
    Reward: Fire’s Deadly Sin incantation

    The Fortified Manor First Floor Site of Grace is in the same room as the Flightless Bird painting. However, the ethereal painter is a long-distance away. Windmill Village, north of the Manor’s outer wall, is where you’ll locate your reward. This painter is seated behind a derelict home, facing a cliff on the village’s southeast edge.

    Sorcerer Painting Location and Reward

    Painting location: Castle Sol (Mountaintops of the Giants)
    Reward location: Snow Valley Ruins Overlook
    Reward: Greathood headpiece

    It’s a bit of a journey to get to the Sorcerer painting. Enter the castle from the Castle Sol Main Gate Site of Grace, which is located on the northeast section of the Mountaintops of the Giants. As you enter the walls, your goal is to get into the central tower, which is direct to your left. To get to the entrance on the left wall with two torches, go past a series of spiked barricades, up a small staircase, and turn left.

    Following the wooden paths counterclockwise to the top of the tower you observed when first entering, ascend the staircase in that room to the upper ramparts. The painting is accessible through a rooftop ladder. Head south of Castle Sol to the Snow Valley Ruins Overlook for a reward. This painting is out to the west of the Grace Site, looking out over the frozen river from the east side of a bridge.

    That is all about how you can find all the Elden Ring paintings locations. For more Elden Ring guides be sure to check out Retrology.

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