Elden Ring Leyndell Catacombs Complete Guide

    Elden Ring Leyndell Catacombs Complete Guide

    Elden Ring gives you an opportunity to explore a number of exhilarating places, some of these are dungeons that hold precious items. Leyndell Catacombs is a massive underground mausoleum found beneath the Royal Capital. You will have to solve your way through this maze to fight the boss. 

    In this guide, we will help you find your way through the Leyndall Catacombs so you can defeat Esgar, the Priest of Blood.

    Since you are in Leyndell you may want to collect the sacred tears in the area for Health and FP boost.


    The passage to these catacombs is through the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds. Head southeast from the Underground Roadside site of grace to the area where you can see the pipes. 

    Use these pipes to drop down and advance towards the south to find a crack in the wall past the Giant Lobsters. The entrance to the catacombs can be found through the cracks. An alternate way to access the catacombs is via Leyndell, Ashen Capital version of the Royal Capital.


    These are some of the items you will find here:

    • Golden Rune 
    • Grave Violet
    • Sacramental Bud

    Room with Zombies

    From the Site of Grace, head down the steps and turn left at the locked doors.  As you make your way through the corridor, you will come across a room with flaming zombies. 

    leyndell catacombs

    Dodge them and move forward to take the first route on your right side.

    Room with Fire

    Advance upstairs, take a right at the end, and move forward. Here you will come across a boss but you can avoid him and move forward. 

    leyndell catacombs

    Now jump down and use the stairs on the right side to go up again. Move a little forward and again turn right, you will reach a room with fire. 

    leyndell catacombs

    To take out the fire you will have to drop the pillar using the arrow.

    Find the Lever

    Stand on the pillar and tap it. This will take you up. Enter the room and take a right again and then continue to move forward and go downstairs.  

    leyndell catacombs

    Move forward from the end, take a right and you will find the lever right there. 

    Pull this lever as it will open the door to the boss room. 

    leyndell catacombs

    The Boss Room

    As you jump down and move forward, you will find the door to the Boss Room on the left side and the Site of Grace upstairs on the opposite side. Here you will encounter Esger, the Priest of Blood. 

    This was a brief guide for you to help you find your way through the Leyndell Catacombs. For more helpful gaming guides, follow Retrology.

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