All Ornament Locations in Horizon Forbidden West (Ancestor’s Return Weapon)

    Horizon Forbidden West is certainly one of the best games of February 2022, if not of the whole year. One of the collectibles in Horizon Forbidden West that can be redeemed for a weapon are the ornaments scattered throughout the map. In this guide, we will help you get to all ornament locations in Horizon Forbidden West to unlock the Ancestor’s Return weapon.

    Start the quest

    all ornament locations in Horizon Forbidden West

    The new quest starts at Hidden Ember after completing the errand quest “Nights of Lights“. Talk to Stemmur to start the quest to retrieve all the Ornaments.

    1. Dunehollow

    all ornament locations in Horizon Forbidden West

    After progressing from the main quest “The Sea of Sands”, make your way to the location marked on the map. Unlock the door at Dunehollow by entering the code “739135” onto the door. Pick up the ornament from inside the room. Fetch it back to Stemmur.

    2. The Daunt

    all ornament locations in Horizon Forbidden West

    In the Relic Ruins: The Daunt, the main task is to get a key by exploring around the ruins and unlocking a door on the second level. After you have put the key in the door enter the code “1705” to get in the room and get the ornament.

    3. No Man’s Land

    all ornament locations in Horizon Forbidden West

    For the next ornament go to the Relic Ruins: No Man’s Land. To get inside the ruins, you need to ignite firegleam at multiple places. The main objective inside the ruin is to get the powercell from one generator to the other one without getting it wet. Once you start the machine, the door right on top of it will turn on and ask for a code. Enter the code “2204” to unlock the door. Pick up the ornament from inside the room once it’s unlocked.

    4. Restless Weald

    all ornament locations in Horizon Forbidden West

    The next ornament is in the Restless Weald Relic Ruin. To get to the ornament you need to make your way on top of the room containing it. Grapple the nearby rail cart until it’s parallel to the ruin. Use the cart to get to the roof of the ruin. Explore the tops until you find the key module and on the second floor, you will also find the door to which the key goes. The code to opening the door will be “1923”. The ornament will be located on the second floor of the building after you enter through the door.

    5. Dry Yearn

    Explore around the Dry Yearn ruins. This ruin door does not require a code. You will find the key to the door behind which the relic is on the upper level of the ruin. There is a blast door that shuts after a while. You can prop it into place by raising the blast door open and then placing the rail cart under it to keep it open. Use the key module to open the door and collect the ornament.

    6. The Stillsands

    In the Stillsands ruin, you need to open the water valve to flood the ruin with water to get to the higher floors to get the key module and on the same level put the key on the door to unlock it. With the help of the grappling hook and a floating crate you find behind the locked door, you need to make your way to one floor above the flooded one to get to the collectible.

    7. The Long Coast

    The ornament on the Long Coast ruin is above the elevator. You need to position two crates on the elevator in such a way that one is in the elevator and the other is on top of it. By jumping from the one that is on top of the elevator you can get to the ornament.

    8. Runner’s Wild

    To get to the altar room key for the locked door you need to stack two crates on top of each other. Open the door to the exact opposite of where you got the key. From there make your way to the topmost room of the ruin. You will find the relic there.

    9. Isle of Spires

    The exploration of this relic ruin progresses to the main quest “Faro’s Tomb”. Explore the ruins to get the key module and put it in the locked door along with the code “2109109” to unlock it. The ornament will be sitting on a table behind a door.

    Collect Reward

    After collecting all nine of the ornaments go back and talk to Stemmur. Loot the supply cache for the reward weapon.

    We hope this guide was helpful in finding and collecting all ornament locations in Horizon Forbidden West.

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