ArtFan ArtThese 13 Chun Li Fanart from Street Fighter 6 will kick the...

    These 13 Chun Li Fanart from Street Fighter 6 will kick the fans hard

    Chun Li is a character that we all love. From her character design to her marital arts, classic outfits and stunning looks, everything is just so likable. Now that Street Fighter 6 has been officially announced and we have seen how our favorite Chun Li will look in the new game, we are more than thrilled. But even more excited than us are the talented artists of Twitter who brought Street Fighter 6’s Chun Li to life with their fanart. In this article, we will showcase some brilliant Chun Li fanart.

    Before we begin, do also check out our Fan Art and Cosplay categories, we have tons of such content with each artist credited. I am sure you will love those posts. We recently covered Black Maria cosplay from One Piece which is a hit on Twitter.

    Enough talk, let’s jump right to some gorgeous fan art of Chun Li.

    Chun Li Street Fighter 6 Fanart

    First up, we have the artwork from @zomayuan. The artist has surely nailed the new look of Street Fighter 6 Chun Li. It’s definitely among the best ones but just wait to see the others.

    I must say, I am loving this muscular look of Chun Li looking at the side by @YShuaaaaaaaa. The orange background is also complementing the whole artwork.

    Yet another great fan art, this time by @yagi2105.

    This is one of my top favorites! And it fits the title of this article too. The splendid Chun Li fanart is by @JuaagAcgy.

    via Street Fighter: Duel

    Although this one is not fan art and is from the official RPG game called, Street Fighter: Duel, I just couldn’t resist adding it.

    Chun Li in 90s anime style is always welcomed. This is done by @PitCloverDraws.

    The facial expression here looks incredible. Not to mention, the color scheme is really going along with the mood.

    Street Fighter’s female martial artist sure looks angry in this one!

    via sheep_shin

    Chun Li sure never missed the leg day once in her life and it is quite apparent from this brilliant artwork. Watch out or you will get hurt.

    via RattlePool

    If cute and hot were a word, this would have been its example. The detail in this Chun Li fanart is a sight to behold.

    This is the most unique Chun Li fan art I have seen in a while. Loved what @RonDanChan has done with the colors.

    This a very soft-looking but great sketch by @AwesomeTomato18 to please your eyes.

    via breikka

    Last but not least, we have this very well-made artwork of Street Fighter 6 Chun Li. Her pose, serious looks, and digital coloring, all look amazing.

    That was all on Chun Li fanart. There is definitely more great artwork out there and it will keep coming and we will keep covering it. Don’t forget to comment about your favorite fanart from above!

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