Sifu Club Collectibles locations for you to find (Drunken Fighter Trophy)

    Sifu is a new action-adventure video game available on Epic Games Store. With a revenge-driven plot and kung fu style gameplay it has been bombarded with many positive reviews. The game has many levels and collectibles to gather to unlock achievements.

    In the mission “The Club” you need to collect a number of collectibles to complete your detective board. We have made this guide to help you locate Sifu Club collectibles that will unlock the trophy “Drunken Fighter”. Other than the club, we also covered all Tower Collectibles locations and Squat Collectibles locations in Sifu so do check that out too to complete your detective board.

    1. Finding Sean

    For the first one, You have to take down the bouncer at the club’s entrance. Head all the way down to find a clerk at the reception desk. Talk to him and choose “Sean?” when prompted. He will alert two guards nearby about your presence. Don’t attack the clerk, instead focus on the two alerted enemies. Once those two enemies are taken down, don’t leave through the door just yet. The clerk will talk to you, get close to him and you’ll see an exclamation point dialogue prompt. Press it to obtain more information about what to expect. This will grant you the item Sean’s Values.

    2. Code Door

    The next collectible will be the Code Door. You can find the ccode Door right after the fight on the dance floor. It’s to the left of the DJ after you pass the bar. Interacting with the door will add it to the detective’s board.

    3. Access Door

    The next collectible will be the Access Door. You can find the access door right after the fight on the first dance floor as well. It’s to the right of the DJ after you pass the bar next to a couch. Interacting with the door will add it to the detective’s board.

    4. Disciple’s Pass

    The collectible after that will be the Disciple’s Pass. You can find the disciples pass after defeating the mini-boss in the burning area. So you can’t miss it you’re going to have to get it in order to progress. This will add another item in your Sifu Club Collectibles bucket.

    5. Sean’s Values

    So, the next collectible will be Sean’s Values. You can find Sean’s Values after the encounter with the mini-boss that uses the pole weapon. As you’re heading through the alleyway in flames with the swinging lanterns. Investigate all three sentences written on the walls. There’s one to the right and then two to the left. That will get you Sean’s Values.

    6. Fire Chest

    The next item is the Fire Chest. After the fight with the woman that uses the polearm. You’ll go through an alleyway that takes you back to the bar. Go downstairs and reach the vault over the counter of the reception desk. You’ll find the box on the table and that will be the fire chest.

    7. The Three Trials

    The next collectible is The Three Trials, this item is unlocked with a specific dialogue option. You’ll enter the indoor gym where the first room you encounter has a woman stretching inside next to the altar on the left. Don’t attack anyone instead go all the way to the door and talk to the guard who’s in the robe. When prompted to choose “Trials?” listening to the conversation will unlock the entry in the sifu detective board.

    8. Tech Guy

    The next item is going to be The Tech Guy. This item is unlocked after you’ve obtained the disciples pass so once you’ve obtained it during a future run use the access door to the right side of the dance floor. After the first group fight inside the club, the room will give you two paths. A door on the right or A staircase. Take the staircase, this will lead you to a long corridor with several enemies you can try and take the first two one-on-one as long as you don’t leave the area. Once you’ve gone through all of them open the door to your right. You’ll find yourself in a small room with another door. This door will lead to the studio where the tech guy is. You’re going to beat him up to get the collectible.

    9. Fire Key (Requires Code from Museum)

    The next item that needs to be collected is The Fire Key. In order to get this item, you’ll first need to unlock the club code from the game’s third stage “The Museum” once you have it open the Code Door with it use it to the left of the pit. After the first group fight, this will take you to an empty corridor. Traverse it to the end inside a room with two enemies. After you take both of them down you’ll get the fire key as a reward.

    10. Sean’s Father (Requires Fire Key)

    The second to last collectible in this mission is Sean’s Father. What you need to do is use the fire key you just picked up previously. Once you have it, progress through the level until you enter the bar again with the fire chest vault over the reception counter. To find sean’s picture inside the fire chest.

    11. Hacker’s Key (Requires Jinfeng’s Computer)

    The last collectible that you’ll be getting is The Hacker’s Key. After you’ve interacted with Jinfieg’s computer in the tower at least once head back down to the club. Take the shortcut through the access door instead of continuing towards the trials. Take the stairs on the left to go to the tech guy. Once you’re in the room with him you’ll see a new dialogue prompt that says “computer access” press it and then choose the corporation when he asks you about it. He will then give you the USB drive the trophy will pop and you will be done with the club.

    That is all on how to get the “Drunken Fist” Achievement. Hope this guide was helpful in finding Sifu Club collectibles locations.

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