GamingHollow Knight Review 2022: A masterpiece even after 5 years

    Hollow Knight Review 2022: A masterpiece even after 5 years

    Jumping into the world of gaming is an exciting and life-changing experience for most people. Only limited games have managed to influence the world with their exceptional performance. However, Hollow Knight proved to be a successful game project with its amazing storyline, frightening visuals, and mysteries. In this article, we will go through the Hollow Knight Review 2022 and see why this game is still a masterpiece even after 5 years.

    A small group of indie developers came up with the idea of Hollow Knight and made that idea into a reality. Hollow Knight is a 2-D Metroidvania game that is a mixture of horrifying, funny, cute, and difficult gameplay. This game is a complete game-changer for the gaming industry.

    Interesting storyline

    The storyline is quite attractive and tries to keep you remain intact in the game. Moreover, there are 80 plus animated characters in various shapes with ugly appearances. Each level gives you a completely new experience. The game starts with an adorable insect falling into the forgotten kingdom of bugs. However, no one understands the actual storyline at the start, but advancing to the next level removes a layer of abstraction.

    Different combat styles to overpower your enemies

    The integration of combat with bosses in Hollow Knight is something quite different from other games. Each level comes up with a completely new challenge. You can upgrade your weapons as well as increase your health and unlock special abilities to fight the bosses.

    Unique gameplay experience

    The controls of Hollow Knight are much responsive and on-point. However, you will master different acts like dicing, slicing, dodging, and killing using specialized powers at the end of the game. Hollow Knight enables your character to grow through different zones with new abilities and charms. These new abilities provide access to new challenges and areas. Freedom of exploration to reach the destination is what makes this more interesting and unique from others.

    Face different challenges at each level

    In the initial stage, you might get trouble exploring restrictive cave systems and keeping a track of where you have been. The distant gaps and high ledges might also cause hindrance in passing to another level. In addition, you have to face the blockage of the in-money portion at the time of death. Therefore, you must kill the soul to regain the money. The same is the case with healing mode, which will help you to regain your strength at the time of combat.

    The Hollow Knight Review 2022 proves that it is an art piece with a pleasant color scheme and unique display. The scuttling sound and animation of creatures give a frightening vibe and enhance the gamer’s mood. Hollow Knight stands out in all Metroidvania early releases with proper balance, gameplay, and style. For more game reviews and guides keep following Retrology.

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