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    Guide to open unlock Nidheim Magic Chest in Forgotten Saga (Assassin’s Creed Valhalla)

    The extended kingdom of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: The Forgotten Saga has many warriors in furious outfits and collectibles. As players, you will always have new quests, challenges, and struggles to face there. And this extended kingdom has made this journey more challenging with much more to gain. There are numerous quests to claim but nothing like Forgotten Saga Nidheim Magic Chest.

    Nidheim Magic chest is one of the magical treasures of Valhalla. You have to chase in on the lands of Nidheim. This quest is not at all ordinary as you have to fulfill a few requirements. Then only, you can unlock it. You can see the quest on the place like the altar. You can approach it but you have to unlock it first. If you didn’t know about it, then this guide is for you.

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    Forgotten Saga: Nidheim Magic Chest

    You need to go to the lands of Nidheim first and get to the magic chest location. Once, you reach there, you will notice you have to get closer to it. So, you have to reach the top and get to the ledge there. It looks easy to jump up there but it isn’t easy at all. So, here is our tip. You can take the easy way by heading to the back side of the chest and searching for a small cart. Then, you can use this cart to climb up there.

    Climb up to the top from the back side of the chest
    Climb up to the top from the back side of the chest

    Next, there will a rock structure. You need to see a ladder right in front of you. Use this ladder to move back of the rock structure and look for a wooden plank. Break down the plank to disclose the stone column. You can move it to the end of the ladder and now use it as a ladder.

    forgotten saga nidheim magic chest
    Stone Column

    Track your way from the wooden plank to look out for another plank. Break it down and you will see another ladder just like you did before. Next, look for a wooden stage and try to reach there. Once, you are there, use a lift to reach the top and you can see another stage on your right. But this time you wouldn’t jump. You have hung in there. Then, jump to your left side and you will see an engraved stone. Continue hanging upwards.

    forgotten saga nidheim magic chest
    Jump upwards

    Once you reach the top, now it’s your call to jump. Take a deep breath and jump down on a haystack or piles of dry leaves. Just jump down to the altar and claim your reward. The Forgotten Saga Nidheim Magic chest is all yours!

    forgotten saga nidheim magic chest
    Your call to jump

    Finally, after all the intense jumping and climbing has driven you to your chest. The Valhalla has many more quests in it waiting to be unlocked. Who knows they all can be yours. If you get stuck in other quests, check our guides page for more. And be the invincible Assassin.

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