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    Guide to defeat Dreaming General Boss in Darkest Dungeons 2

    Released on the 8th of May 2023, Darkest Dungeons 2 has absolutely evolved to be darker than its original. The game is completely packed with some alluring characters, numerous enemies, and challenging boss fights. One such boss that you might come across in Darkest Dungeons 2 is none other than Dreaming General Boss and perhaps that’s the reason why you’re here as well.

    Defeating Dreaming General can be quite frustrating if not prepared properly, so in order to save you some time, here we have a complete guide on everything that needs to be done in order to defeat this boss.

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    Enemies Before Dreaming General

    First and foremost for those who don’t know there are a few enemies that you have to defeat before the actual boss fight. In order to get it started, start by making your way through the Tangle using the Stagecoach, you might come across a lair named The General’s Keep. This is where you will encounter two rounds of minions before you come face-to-face with the Dreaming General.

    The enemies that you will encounter before the General’s keep are none other than the Lost Battalion. These enemies have relatively higher attack and defense mechanisms, so it’s highly recommended not to take them so lightly. Be sure that you’re prepared well with the numerous potions and stuff that can increase your damage when you come across this group and in fact when you encounter the minions as well.

    Additionally, this group of enemies can even be healed up to full help if they use the help of a bishop. To counter this, you can equip a skill that can clear the corpse.

    Well, that was all about the enemies before the actual boss fight. Now without any further ado, why not get to the real juice here?

    Defeat Dreaming General Boss

    Dreaming General Boss in Darkest Dungeons 2
    Darkest Dungeons 2 – Dreaming General Boss

    Every boss fight in Darkest Dungeons 2 is not like any other typical boss fight where knowing the weapons to use and knowing the weak points is enough. The fights in Darkest Dungeons are less about the actual instruments and more about understanding the mechanics and what can lead to victory and what cannot.

    Dreaming General Boss fight is one of the prime examples and this is where you’re patience is going to be tested as well. Also, do bear in mind that when you reach the location of the fight you won’t be having full strength, you might have already been afflicted with some stress and damage. Nevertheless, let’s understand some of the mechanics first.

    Dealing with Taproot

    The Taproot is basically located at the rear of the boss and it’s one important element. Taproot does not deliver damage to your heroes at all however, during each round your characters will be getting a token tangled growth, the Taproot will use Creeping Growth at each round to place these on you.

    Dreaming General Boss
    Dreaming General Boss – Whispering Darkness
    • One stack of tangled growth will actually do nothing and is more like a warning.
    • When you get two stacks of tangled growth a debuff named The Soil Stirs will appear on two of your heroes. This will reduce the speed of your character.
    • When you get three stacks of tangled growth your character will be attacked by this powerful attack called The Walking Dead. Now your character will become completely immobilized and you can no more use any skills. You will now get a Strangle debuff which will force you to use Whispering Darkness which will result in your other heroes being afflicted with stress.

    Nightmare is yet another crucial and dangerous attack of the boss and this can also be avoided by not getting stacked with three tangled growths on your team.

    Ultimate Strategy

    Dreaming General Boss
    Darkest Dungeons 2 – Dreaming General Boss

    The goal here will be not to get to the three stacks of tangled growth. The only way to get these stacks removed is by attacking the Taproot at the read of the boss. To do so make sure that you have at least 2 characters that can attack the rear, so you can hit the taproot twice per round, otherwise, the fight is going to be extremely difficult.

    Instill this idea in your mind that you have two characters hitting the boss each round and two characters hitting the taproot each round. This will eventually keep the tangled growths to just 1 stack, which means that you will never be endangered. Also, taproot cannot be destroyed completely so keep in mind that you have to manage the time accordingly because the fight will be longer than usual.

    Some More Ideas

    Darkest Dungeons 2 – Defender

    Although everything that has been discussed so far seems enough to somehow complete the boss fight. However, since the process is quite lengthy there will be some situations where getting afflicted with two stacks of tangled growth might become unavoidable. So, in order to keep the process a lot more smoother here are some more instructions that you can consider looking into.

    Whenever the tap root reaches the two stacks there is a high chance that you will be afflicted with The Waking Dead attack. Here players should employ blocking or defensive abilities to protect the targeted characters in advance of The Waking Dead. So do make sure that you have some heroes with good defensive abilities on your side as well.

    As mentioned earlier Strangle Debuff will force you to use Whispering Darkness which will result in your other heroes being afflicted with stress. This is unavoidable, however, you can reduce its impact using items that are known for reducing stress.

    The whole process is quite time-consuming so you may want to consider blight and burn effects to hurry up the process. These two effects will afflict more damage to the boss than any other effect. Additionally, it is highly recommended to have a healer on your side as well, considering the fact that some of the attacks are absolutely unavoidable.

    Seems like a lot for a single-boss fight? Didn’t we tell you before that the Dreaming General Boss fight is where you’re patience is going to be tested as well? Well, the good news is that you now finally hold the information about how to defeat Dreaming General Boss in Darkest Dungeons 2.

    Good Luck with the whole process and enjoy the fight. Do let us know in the comment section below which guide should we cover next. We personally love discussing such indie games, so for more guides, news, or updates, keep visiting Retrology.

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