NewsGod of War Ragnarök will have more than 60 accessibility features

    God of War Ragnarök will have more than 60 accessibility features

    God of War Ragnarök is set to release this year for PS4 and PS5, however, no specific date has been set. In recent years, the gaming industry has placed a strong emphasis on accessibility, and Santa Monica Studio is also taking notes for the imminent release of God of War Ragnarök.

    Santa Monica Studio, the creators of God of War Ragnarök, has highlighted how accessibility features have been expanded for the sequel. Using the accessibility features from the previous God of War, the team has stated that Ragnarök will have more than 60 accessibility features to adjust gameplay and make the game more playable.

    First-party studios on both platforms have released new games with lengthy lists of accessibility features, and God of War: Ragnarök, the PS5’s forthcoming exclusive, will continue this trend. From captions to audio cues, from Traversal Assistance to Controller Remapping, Santa Monica Studio is going to great lengths to make the forthcoming God of War game as inclusive as possible for players.

    Santa Monica Studios Lead UX Designer Mila Pavlin states “For God of War (2018) on PC, we made sure to improve and continue to iterate on popular features from the initial PlayStation release. We’re pleased to be continuing to support these features in God of War Ragnarök on PS4 and PS5.

    God of War Ragnarök Accessibility
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    Here is a list of some of the new features that will be introduced in God of War Ragnarök:

    • Captions
    • Subtitle and Caption Size
    • Subtitle and Caption Color
    • Speaker Names
    • Subtitle Background
    • Subtitle and Caption Background Blur
    • Direction Indicator
    • Text and Icon Size
    • Controller Remapping
    • High Contrast Mode
    • High Contrast Activation Customization
    • High Contrast Color Customization
    • Navigation Assist
    • Traversal Assistance
    • Assistance+
    • Audio Cues

    There are even more options to come for God of War Ragnarök that will cover even more game features, as Pavlin mentioned in Sony’s blog post.

    That is all on Ragnarök accessibility features. To know about the Diablo Immortal release date or for more news content, keep following Retrology.

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