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    Genshin Impact’s Yelan’s Best Builds

    Genshin Impact is an open-world action and adventure RPG developed by Mihoyo. After an exceptionally long wait, the new patch, 2.7, dropped on the 31st of May 2022. Here we will recommend some best builds for Yelan that you can run.

    This new patch features two new characters, a new thrilling archon quest, and an exciting event. The new characters released are Yelan, a Hydro bow sub-DPS from Liyue, and Kuki Shinobu, an Electro sword healer from Inazuma. The new archon quest and event are connected, to access the event you have to complete the archon quest first. We have made a guide to help you through the third part of the archon quest, “End of the Line.”

    Yelan is most often used to apply hydro with her burst for reactions. However, her skill is able to do great damage too. She is much similar to Xingqiu in how she works, but her damage scales off of HP and she does not provide healing. This Yelan best builds guide will cover Yelan’s most recommended artifacts, weapons, and which talents you should focus on.


    For weapons, her best in slot is the Aqua Simulacra, her signature weapon. The weapon offers a whopping 88.2% Crit Dmg and a decent passive. The weapon is a lot similar to Staff of Homa and Redhorn Thresher, which also have a high Crit Dmg. And lower Base Atk. The low Base Atk is often a downside, but since Yelan does not really scale off of attack, the bow fits her perfectly.

    Another great 5-star you can consider is Elegy of the End. The bow is mainly used as a pure support Yelan because of its Energy Recharge and passive which buffs other characters. Other weapons like Skyward Harp, Polar Star, or Thundering Pulse may be used purely as a stat stick for their Crit stats.

    For 4 stars, weapons like Favonious Warbow, Sacrificial Bow, and the latest event bow, Fading Twilight, are all good. Although, Fading Twilight with its passive may increase her overall damage and would allow you to focus on other stats for your artifacts like Crit rate or Crit DMG. Favonious Warbow is an overall good support bow.

    For early players, a Recurve Bow is a great option. It provides a good amount of HP% which will increase Yelan’s Dmg.


    Yelan’s best artifact option is the Emblem of Severed Fate, providing energy recharge and bonus burst damage. On the other hand, you can build her with two-piece of either:
    Heart of Depth for the bonus Hydro Dmg. Bonus,
    Noblesse Oblige for the bonus Burst Damage,
    Tenacity of the Milellith for the addition to Max HP,
    And, Emblem of Severed Fate for more Energy Recharge.

    You can use any of these two artifact sets together and match until you are able to get a decent Crit Ratio, Energy Recharge, and max HP.

    For the early game, Exile and Scholar are good sets, and both their 4-piece and 2-piece sets can be used.

    It is recommended to use either an Energy Recharge or HP% sands on her. For the Goblet, the best option would be Hydro Dmg. Bonus. Depending on her weapon, you can choose whether you want a Crit rate or Crit DMG. Circlet or an HP% one.

    Talent Priority

    For constellation 0 Yelan, your talent priority should be Burst, then Skill, and finally normal attack. Her normal attack has similar multipliers to other bow users, but in Breakthrough State, her next arrow shot will be a “Breakthrough Barb” which will deal bonus AOE Hydro Damage based on her Max HP. Meanwhile, her skill can deal great damage while applying Hydro and generating about 3 particles for her. Her burst should be the main priority for anyone running support Yelan as it provides great utility and can help your Main DPS with the reactions.

    That is all for our Yelan best builds guide, there are many other ways you can choose to build her, so use whichever fits your Yelan the best. You can also check out this guide to all the Radiant Spincrystals in Inazuma. For more guides, stay tuned to Retrology.

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