GamingRole-PlayingAll Radiant Spincrystals in Inazuma in Genshin Impact

    All Radiant Spincrystals in Inazuma in Genshin Impact

    Genshin Impact is an open-world action and adventure RPG developed by Mihoyo. Radiant Spincrystals are adventure items that can be used to unlock soundtracks in the Serenitea Pot. Additionally, in 2.6, a new achievement for collecting Spincrystals has also been added, “It’s Yesterday Once More”. Radiant Spincrystals can be found in the open world and can be bought from Chubby, the Teapot Travelling Salesmen, every week. There are a total of eight Radiant Spincrystals in Inazuma.

    Radiant Spincrystal #47: Miko’s Night

    For the first Spincrystal, teleport to the Grand Narukami Shrine waypoint. You’ll find it on top of a rock, right next to a small shrine on your right.

    Radiant Spincrystal #52: Kitsune’s Mask

    The second Spincrystal is right in front of the Chinju Forest waypoint. It can be found on top of a rock next to a Tanuki statue.

    Radiant Spincrystal #56: Murmuring Creek

    From the location of the last Spincrystal, go northeast across the lake. You’ll find the Spincrystal on top of a rock next to the stairs, adjacent to two shrines.

    Radiant Spincrystal #50: The Mysterious Islands

    Go further northwest from the location of the previous Spincrystal. The Spincrystal will be on top of a pillar right behind Ioroi.

    Radiant Spincrystal #54: Time to Say Farewell

    Teleport to the Kamisato Estate waypoint and enter the estate. On the right, next to a shrine in front of Toda, you’ll find the Spincrystal sitting on a rock.

    Radiant Spincrystal #53: Hanachirusato

    Next, go towards the Yashiro Commission headquarters, and climb on the roof. It may be easier to reach there with characters like Keqing, Zhongli, Venti, Kazuha, or Albedo. Similarly, using Geo Traveler’s skill constructs may also help reach there. The Spincrystal will be on top of the roof of the main building.

    Radiant Spincrystal #49: The Land of Her Serenity

    Teleport to the northern waypoint in Inazuma City. From here, go left to the edge of the city. Walk down the wooden bridge till you see a ramp and a few boxes in a corner. The Spincrystal will be on top of the highest box.

    Radiant Spincrystal #48: Streets of Elegance

    Finally, for the last Spincrystal teleport to the waypoint in front of Tenshukaku. Go towards the Statue Of the Omnipresent God, you will find the Spincrystal on top of some wooden boxes.

    These are all the Radiant Spincrystals in Inazuma. The remaining available Inazuma Soundtrack can be bought from Chubby. Moreover, if you are having trouble with the Chasm, you can check our guide on all Lumenstone Ore locations to level up the Lumenstone Adjuvant. For more Genshin Impact guides, stay tuned to Retrology.

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