V Rising All Bosses Locations Guide

    Developed and published by Stunlock Studios, V Rising brings you an immersive yet fierce world of blood-thirsty vampires. This Steam’s best selling vampire survival game adds more thrill to the venture by offering its players a long list of bone-chilling bosses to defeat. 

    However, in order to defeat these bosses, you must know where to find them first. No worries because we have for you a guide to all V Rising bosses’ locations.


    Boss locations

    Veiled across the World of Vardoran are the locations for almost 37 bosses. Hunting these down is crucial if you want to attain vampiric abilities and strengths, paving your way further in the game.

    Farbane Woods boss locations

    Farbane Woods V Rising All Bosses Locations
    Farbane Woods V Rising All Bosses Locations

    Alpha Wolf (level 16) 

    Wolf Den above the Infested Graveyard

    Keely The Frost Archer (level 20) 

    Bandit Trapper Camp in northeast Farbane Woods

    Rufus The Foreman (level 20)

    Bandit Logging Camp above Alpha Wolf Den

    Errol The Stonebreaker (level 20) 

    Bandit Copper Mine in centre of Farbane Woods

    Lidia The Chaos Archer (level 26) 

    Roams the roads of east Farbane Woods

    Grayson The Armorer (level 27) 

    Bandit Armory northwest of Bandit Copper Mine

    Goreswine The Ravager (level 27)

    Roams around the Infested Graveyard

    Putrid Rat (level 30) 

    Summoned by player using Vermin Nest

    Clive The Firestarter (level 30) 

    Bandit Sulphur Quarry in far west of Farbane Woods

    Polora The Feywalker (level 34) 

    Gleaming Meadows below Silverlight Hills

    Ferocious Bear (level 36) 

    Bear Cave in far east of Farbane Woods

    Nicholaus The Fallen (level 37) 

    Forgotten Cemetery in centre of Farbane Woods

    Quincey The Bandit King (level 37)

    Bandit Stronghold north of Forgotten Cemetery

    Tristan The Vampire Hunter (level 46) 

    Roams roads of central Farbane Woods

    The Winged Horror (level 78) 

    Dreaded Peak above Ferocious Bear Cave

    Dunley Farmlands boss locations

    Dunley Farmlands V Rising All Bosses Locations
    Dunley Farmlands V Rising All Bosses Locations

    Beatrice The Tailor (level 38) 

    Dawnbreak Village in East Dunley Farmlands

    Vincent The Frostbringer (level 40) 

    Roams roads of central Dunley Farmlands

    Christina The Sun Priestess (level 44) 

    Roams around Dawnbreak Village

    Leandra The Shadow Priestess (level 46)

    Church Of The Damned in northeast Dunley Farmlands

    Terah The Geomancer (level 48) 

    Bedrock Pass in northwest Dunley Farmlands

    Meredith The Bright Archer (level 52) 

    Haunted Iron Mine in south of Dunley Farmlands

    Octavian The Militia Captain (level 58) 

    Bastion Of Dunley, south of Church Of The Damned

    Raziel The Shepherd (level 60) 

    Dunley Monastery, south of Bedrock Pass

    Jade The Vampire Hunter (level 62) 

    Roams roads of central Dunley Farmlands

    Willfred The Werewolf Chief (level 64) 

    Gloomgrave Village south of Cursed Forest

    Hallowed Mountains boss locations

    Hallowed Mountains V Rising All Bosses Locations
    Hallowed Mountains V Rising All Bosses Locations

    Frostmaw The Mountain Terror (level 56) 

    Roams roads of Hallowed Mountains

    Terrorclaw The Ogre (level 68) 

    Frozen Cave in south of Hallowed Mountains

    Cursed Forest boss locations

    Cursed Forest V Rising All Bosses Locations
    Cursed Forest V Rising All Bosses Locations

    Ungora The Spider Queen (level 60) 

    Spider Cave in northeast Cursed Forest

    The Duke Of Balaton (level 62) 

    Swamp Of Greed in northwest Cursed Forest

    Foulrot The Soultaker (level 62) 

    Ancient Village in far east Cursed Forest

    Matka The Curse Weaver (level 72) 

    Nest Of The Curse Weaver in northwest Cursed Forest

    Nightmarshal Styx The Sunderer (level 76) 

    Roams roads of Cursed Forest

    Gorecrusher The Behemoth (level 78) 

    Lair Of The Behemoth south of Spider Cave

    Silverlight Hills boss locations

    Silverlight Hills V Rising All Bosses Locations
    Silverlight Hills V Rising All Bosses Locations

    Mairwyn The Elementalist (level 64) 

    Emberleaf Grove in southeast Silverlight Hills

    Morian The Stormwing Matriarch (level 68) 

    Harpy Nest in south Silverlight Hills

    Azariel The Sunbringer (level 68) 

    Brighthaven Cathedral in far west Silverlight Hills

    Solarus The Immaculate (level 80) 

    Fortress Of Light in east Silverlight Hills

    Blood Altar

    Building a Blood Altar is a crucial step in the game as it helps you find bosses easily. To build a Blood Altar, you need a 180 Stone and 10 Blood Essence. But even before this, you will have to complete the Getting Ready For The Hunt quest by 

    • Constructing and interacting with a Sawmill. 
    • Constructing and interacting with a Simple Workbench.
    • Increasing your gear level to 15.


    Completing the above steps will unlock the crafting blueprint for the Blood Altar in the Dominance section of the Production tab in the building menu. 

    Finding Bosses

    After you have successfully constructed the Blood Altar, interact with it to find a list of V Blood Carriers i.e. the bosses.

    To track a boss, select the boss in the Blood Altar and then exit the menu and start walking around. After some time, you will come across a red highlight from your character in a specific direction. Follow its trail to get to the boss you wish to fight. 

    It should be noted that you don’t always need a Blood Altar to find a boss, if you are casually venturing your way to places, you are bound to come across a variety of bosses in your path. 

    This was all about V Rising all bosses locations. For more V Rising content, keep following Retrology. 

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