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    Farthest Frontier Combat Guide

    Released on the 9th of August 2022, Farthest Frontier has finally been made available on Steam for you to purchase. From hunting to harvesting, fighting for survival to trading, Farthest Frontier is packed with everything that you require as you protect your people and forge a town. While protecting your town you might come across numerous threats too and in this Farthest Frontier Combat Guide, we will be helping you in how to effectively deal with those threats.

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    How do combats work?

    As for those who are not really a fan of Combats, such players can easily turn off the game’s optional combat mechanic to play peacefully. However, those who love aggression and fighting combats, they can keep combat mechanics on.

    As you progress through the game and your town continues to grow, with wealthier merchants looking forward to trading with you, there will be some entities that do not really have such good intentions. Growing towns are an opportunity for raiders and thieves to get a profit by stealing from your town so you always have to watch out for those. You will have to prepare accordingly, since so many of the game’s opponents appear frequently, it’s still unclear what will happen when they attack.

    Types of Enemies

    Wolves, Bears, and Bores

    Farthest Frontier Combat Guide
    Wildlife in Farthest Frontier

    Before your people settled into the town, the whole area belonged to the wildlife which you really need to respect. Often times you will encounter wolves who come out in search of food, any villager who gets near them might get killed. If any villager manages to survive there is a chance that the survivor has possessed rabies after getting a wolf bite. Which can further affect other villagers as well.

    In order to stop wolves from entering the town, you can use fencing and always keep hunters on guard to keep them out of the village. Make sure your hunters are equipped with arrows and with hide coats so they don’t get rabies from wolf bites.

    Players might also come across Bears ad Bores, these animals will not usually attack villagers but might have an eye on the food that villagers keep in their homes. They won’t harm anyone unless provoked or a charging bear could be difficult to stop, so hunters are mandatory to be on guard for these as well.


    Farthest Frontier Combat Guide

    At first, when you’re town is not so populated, raiders are not so big of a threat and can easily be scared off. However, as your town continues to grow, it will start attracting more and more raiders and it will get more difficult to deal with them. They will attempt to enter your property in order to steal from your people and property.

    Most of the time, they’ll be stronger overall and even have more weapons than you do. Therefore, you must begin recruiting soldiers and erecting Barracks in order to protect yourself from such a situation. If your soldiers are equipped with armor and weaponry, they can easily repel the raiders.

    Additionally, what happens mostly is that the raiders directly attack your town, however, some of them might give you an option either “give up your gold and live” or “pay with blood”. In this case, if you have a well-trained army, make sure that you go for combat and make them run away.

    Commanding Villagers

    Commanding Villagers in Farthest Frontier

    Villagers are quite good at defending themselves but sometimes you might have to take matters into your own hands. Simply, you can hold the villager and release it in the direction of any threat. For example, if a charging boar is coming towards the villagers, you can select some of the villagers and then click on the boar, this will make villagers attack the charging boar and will stick to it until they take it down.

    This approach is equally applicable to soldiers and guards. They also rage toward threats without waiting for orders, which makes them more dangerous than villagers.

    Building Defenses

    In Farthest Frontier, you may keep many raiders and wild animals out of your town by constructing strong walls and foundations. Having good defenses will be very important as they might deal with some threats on their own without involving villagers or hunters.

    Town Center

    Farthest Frontier Combat Guide
    Town Center in Farthest Frontier

    For smaller-scale attacks and killing wild animals, Town Center is an ideal option. However, if more stronger enemies show up close by, you could require a different strategy. The Town Center has a bell on it and whenever you are attacked you can simply press the bell to alert the villagers. The villagers will run to the town center to take shelter while some of them will stay outside and get armed to deal with the enemies coming close to the town center.

    Lookout Towers

    Farthest Frontier Combat Guide
    Lookout Tower in Farthest Frontier

    Towers are an effective way to deal with smaller threats. When a tower is built, you can set 2 guards on the towers that will watch out for enemies. The guards will shoot at any local threats, such as animals or raiders, as long as they are armed with bows and arrows. You can keep on upgrading the tower to get better range, however, also keep in mind that these towers have an upkeep cost whether guards are working inside it or not.

    Walls and Fences

    Walls in Farthest Frontier

    Those towns that are currently growing will consider walls ideal since they work amazingly when holding on to enemies long enough so that the towers can deal with them and help can arrive. While walls do offer good protection, you might not want to overdo it because doing so might prevent immigrants from moving in.

    Fences in Farthest Frontier

    Using fences to keep cattle inside and wildlife outside is a great and affordable option. Otherwise, wolves and bears have no trouble killing your cattle. However, a raid can still happen despite fencing because raiders can simply cut through a weak barrier.

    Build Barracks

    Barracks in Farthest Frontier

    Once you progress through the game enough, there might come a time when relying on villagers might not be so reliable anymore. So now you will have to build barracks in which you can recruit villagers and train them to become proper soldiers. This training will cost you gold and then you will also have to compensate and train the soldiers time after time which will have an upkeep cost.

    But it is highly recommended to build barracks regardless of the cost as it will benefit you in the long run. If they are equipped with bows and arrows, soldiers stationed inside a barracks will fire arrows at dangers in the area. Additionally, they can also be deployed towards threats directly, keep on reading Farthest Frontier Combat Guide to know how to.

    Rally Point

    Rally Point in Farthest Frontier

    You can use Rally point by clicking a flag combat area button in the Barracks UI. This will allow you to send a group of soldiers from your barrack to defend a certain area. The soldiers will stay in the area you have assigned them using the rally point until you change the rally point or order them to get back to the barracks.

    Always make sure that you do not keep the soldiers at the rally point for too long. Keep on addressing the demands of the soldiers because if you don’t, they will loyally stay in the allocated place and might starve to death.


    Equipment is very important when it comes to defending your town. Even if you have a strong army and villagers, without the right equipment, they are not going to perform well against threats. You can never go wrong when it comes to investing in high-quality equipment.

    That takes us to the end of Farthest Frontier Combat Guide. For more gaming guides like these, keep following Retrology.

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