GamingFarthest Frontier Trading Guide

    Farthest Frontier Trading Guide

    Developed and published by Crate Entertainment, Farthest Frontier has just been released on the 9th of August 2022 and is also made available on Steam for you to purchase. From hunting to harvesting, fighting for survival to trading, Farthest Frontier is packed with everything that you require as you protect your people and forge a town. One such element is Trading and in this Farthest Frontier Trading Guide, we will help you with everything you need to know in order to start trading.

    One of the most effective ways to make money in Farthest Frontier is through trading. You can easily trade off raw material that your people produce with gold only if you know how to trade effectively. Here’s how you can start with trading:

    Set up a trading post

    Farthest Frontier Trading Guide
    Farthest Frontier Trading Post

    All of the merchants that come from abroad in order to trade will come to the trading post directly, as this is the place where you deposit goods for export purposes. You can easily get those items from merchants that your own town hasn’t produced yet. In fact, at first, it is the only way to get hold of big equipment. for example, at first you don’t have cows roaming around in the wild, so to fill up your barn with cows your only option is to trade.


    Farthest Frontier Trading Guide
    Farthest Frontier Merchants

    Once you’ve set up your trading post, merchants will start coming with different items with them. Not all merchants will be interested in the same item so make sure you have a variety of items to trade and match the merchant’s demands as well. Similarly, each merchant will also bring a different item to the table.

    Prices will change according to the supply and demand of certain items. So you will notice that items you’ve bought earlier have become more cheaper or expensive with time and visits. Players will have to bear losses sometimes when the price of their product goes down, however, some players will definitely benefit from these price changes as well.

    Always make sure that you upgrade the trading post at its earliest as it will help in attracting more wealthier merchants, who will eventually bring better items to the table.


    Farthest Frontier Transferring Goods

    You will have to move your products to the Trading Post before engaging in any trade for the safety of both the seller and the buyer. Simply, select the goods you want to trade in the trading post UI, set a certain amount/quantity, and press confirm. Your Trading Post must be filled with gold in order to make purchases from merchants. Taxes and sales of your goods at the Trading Post are two ways to earn gold.

    When buying certain goods it’s up to you if you want to transfer them to the town’s storage or keep them in the trading post for further trades. The only threat of keeping goods in a trading post is that raiders can come anytime and might end up stealing everything, so make sure you’re always ready to defend against them.

    Buying and Selling

    Farthest Frontier Buying and Selling Goods

    As discussed earlier each merchant has its own choice and demand so always keep a variety of items in stock to attract more merchants. When you’re ready for selling make sure that the trading post is stocked with goods that you want to sell, this process of transferring goods to the trading post might take a while so always transfer before merchants arrive. In case you want to buy goods then keep the trading post stocked with gold.

    That takes us to the end of Farthest Frontier Trading Guide. For more gaming guides like these, keep following Retrology.

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